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Like no other

  • Published at 07:19 pm March 22nd, 2018
  • Last updated at 03:08 pm March 23rd, 2018
Like no other
Thanks to the efforts of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her government, Bangladesh is finally in the process of stepping into the group of developing countries. This is no small feat. For Bangladesh to have made the jump from least developed country (LDC) to becoming a full-fledged developing nation, it had to meet three crucial criteria, in all of which it has outshone other countries: Gross national income (GNI) per capita, the Human Assets Index (HAI), and the Economic Vulnerability Index (EVI). These criteria serve to tell us how much, in fact, Bangladesh has improved as a nation over the last eight years, and reminds us of the collective effort required for success, both from the government and the people. This achievement is further enhanced by the fact that, before Bangladesh, only five countries had been successful in making the transition, and no country has surpassed all three criteria and with such aplomb. The numbers speak for themselves. While Bangladesh dominated the LDC bracket, claiming 19% of their collective GDP and 13.6% of their exports, even on the journey into our status as a developing nation, we have left other neighbouring countries in the dust, with GNI at $1,274, HAI at 73.2, and EVI at 25.2. In the 48th year of our independence, could there have been a better indicator of how far we have come as a nation? If there was ever a point in our history which we could mark as heralding in a new dawn for Bangladesh’s future, this is it. For Bangladesh, this opens avenues and channels which, up until now, had remained closed. It will allow us to take advantage of newer opportunities, such as trade alliances and influx of new investments, making our mark in the global arena that much more noticeable. While there will no doubt be various challenges on our new journey ahead, let us, for the moment, take stock of how far we have come and look forward to a future that looks brighter than it ever has before.