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The future of connectivity

  • Published at 07:26 pm March 15th, 2018
  • Last updated at 12:52 am March 16th, 2018
The future of connectivity
How far Bangladesh has come when it comes to communications and technology is nothing short of amazing. Much of the credit goes to the sitting government and its Digital Bangladesh manifesto, that seeks to bring the nation up to current worldwide technological standards. It is because of the forward-thinking nature of such initiatives that we have witnessed the steady adoption of mobile internet throughout the nation, which gave way to mobile banking becoming the revolution in commerce it now is. And now, after the advent of 3G mobile internet, and the recent rollout of its 4G variant, our country now stands to welcome the next evolution in mobile communications in the form of 5G. What makes 5G mobile internet such an important step in ICT is its scope, and there is no denying that 5G is the future. So far, we have only managed to reap the benefits of 3G regarding what it has to offer in terms of mobile internet. With 5G, the scope becomes much wider as it includes cars, homes, and entire institutions such as factories and workplaces. It is not hard to imagine how useful such fast internet connectivity could prove to be, especially at places such as factories where a lag in communications can often have fatal consequences. Technology advances at an exponential rate, and as a relatively young nation trying to make its presence known in the global market, we have to keep up with it -- and 5G will pave the way to that future.