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Police need to get their priorities straight

  • Published at 05:16 pm February 19th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:19 pm February 19th, 2018
Police need to get their priorities straight
Our law enforcement agencies, no doubt, have a number of challenges on their plate, but hunting down Bitcoin users should not be up high on that list. When crime rates are through the roof, corruption is omnipresent within our government, and terrorists are getting bail with impunity, our police force would do well to focus its efforts elsewhere. A quick glance at the streets is enough to betray the lawlessness which has overtaken our roads: Laws continue to be broken with little to no consequences, and police are often too happy to look away. And we have yet to fix our education system, the quality of which is being undermined repeatedly due to the continuous question paper leaks by criminal syndicates. Do we not need to catch those culprits? Even if we are to zero in on our financial sector, we see that our banks continue to suffer from corruption and an increasing number of default loans, amounting to over Tk80,000 crore. The Bangladesh Bank heist of 2016 continues to remind us of how vulnerable we still are, and that when it comes to financial crimes, there is much work to be done. Yes, there are problems with our financial sector, but Bitcoin is not the reason. While we recognize how Bitcoin can be utilised for criminal activities due to the fact that it is untraceable, at this juncture, this is hardly a priority. Considering the visions of Digital Bangladesh we are working towards, perhaps we should not be de-legalizing cryptocurrencies, but harnessing the opportunities they might provide our citizens. But the bottom line is simple: Law enforcement must prioritize better. Before we start worrying about digital currency and its merely suggested potential for crime, let us fix the actual crimes which continue to plague our nation.