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For the love of art

  • Published at 04:20 pm February 9th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:01 am February 10th, 2018
For the love of art

The biennial Dhaka Art Summit, which ends today, highlights Dhaka’s role as an emerging centre for the arts in the world.

Through the creative vision of Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani in collaboration with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, ever since its inception in 2012, DAS has brought together painters, musicians, sculptures, photographers, film-makers, architects, and curators from a number of different countries.

Featuring works of art with diverse themes and media from over 300 artists, the Dhaka Art Summit this year sets a high bar for arts events in South Asia.

Like the Dhaka Lit Fest, which takes place every November, DAS is an instrumental and exciting notch on Dhaka’s cultural calendar, highlighting the diversity of our own culture, and the welcoming attitude we, as Bangladeshis, extend to other cultures from around the world.

Events such as this are an important aspect of our own identity, as they show the power of art to not only bring people together, but create positive change.

It is, in fact, indicative of a nation that is striving harder and going further in development, and reflects the open space Dhaka has become for artists who wish to push the boundaries.

While economic development is no doubt important for social development, a strong artistic community is essential. And, in this regard, Dhaka has always looked to the future, as can be seen with the month-long Ekushey Boi Mela taking place in Bangla Academy as we speak.

The Dhaka Art Summit has added to the cultural diversity of this great nation of ours and we hope events such as these continue to inspire the younger generation and expose our arts to the rest of the world.