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A partnership in the making

  • Published at 07:15 pm January 28th, 2018
  • Last updated at 01:45 am January 29th, 2018
A partnership  in the making
Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s visit to Bangladesh has heralded a new era in our countries’ diplomatic ties. The visit has resulted in the signing of five instruments, which will no doubt catalyse Bangladesh’s presence in not only Asia, but on the world stage. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has done much in strengthening and harbouring relationships with our allies across the world, and this is the most recent such step. With instruments signed which will cater to a plethora of sectors such as trade, fishing, and energy, this marks a turning point in Indonesia-Bangladesh relations, sparking what will no doubt be a partnership of great importance and mutual benefit. It is uplifting to see Bangladesh’s success play out on the world map in such a manner, as was evidenced by the visit of Chinese Premier Xi Jingping in 2016, in which MoUs worth $13.6 billion were signed. The Indonesian president also recently visited the Rohingya camps, calling for a swift resolution to the crisis. With the crisis being far from over, and Myanmar putting the blame on us for the delay in repatriation, Bangladesh is doing well by nurturing relationships such as these, which would go a long way in our favour. We hope that this partnership marks the beginning of a great friendship between the two countries, ushering in a new era of cooperation and growth which benefits both the parities involved. It is up to the respective governments now to focus on what’s important going ahead, and ensure that these instruments are implemented to their fullest potential.