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For a long-term green strategy

  • Published at 06:33 pm January 10th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:44 am January 11th, 2018
For a long-term green strategy
What use is a plan without proper implementation? Bangladesh is one of the countries that is most susceptible to climate change. This is why we have so many “green” policies in place to battle climate change’s crippling effects. But unfortunately, the authorities hardly ever see these plans to fruition. Recent research has shown that, while Bangladesh has these policies in place, it lacks a definitive and discrete green strategy that will allow these policies to complement each other. That is not to say that we have not done well. Bangladesh has moved faster than anyone else in working towards battling climate change and its impacts, and has done so without waiting for the rest of the world. It has, in fact, led the fight in many ways. But we cannot become lax when it comes to implementation. It is the key ingredient to any long-term policy, and that is where we have lagged behind. The fact that we do not have reliable statistics to rework each of these policies and to put new policies in place is further evidence that we need to start taking this fight more seriously. One of the most important ingredients in this regard is political support. Climate change has no political allegiance, and neither should our fight against it. Climate change is a problem which affects all of us. With thousands already having lost their homes, and our agricultural sectors already under pressure, the time for implementation is now. Climate adaptation and the emerging green economy are already leading the charge in creating whole new ways of doing business -- and Bangladesh’s entrepreneurial spirit has a very important role to play here. We need to start thinking long term, and create a green strategy that will look at the situation from the top down, and be dynamic in its approach to the constant ebbs and flows of climate change.