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Take Myanmar to task

  • Published at 07:23 pm December 14th, 2017
  • Last updated at 02:08 pm December 15th, 2017
Take Myanmar to task
For months, Myanmar officials have forcefully denied allegations that their army has been systematically torturing and killing Rohingyas in Northern Rakhine, and that the death toll is somewhere in the thousands and not the mere hundreds as they are willing to admit. Shattering that narrative, the international aid group Doctors Without Border -- also known by its French acronym MSF -- announced yesterday that at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed, and at least 9,000 dead, within a month since the August 25 incident; at least 430 of them were children shot to death. Bangladeshi officials have known the truth of the matter all this time, and have been striving tirelessly to persuade the United Nations to take tangible measures that go beyond issuing strongly worded resolutions for Myanmar to end the violence. This is a humanitarian crisis of horrific proportions that should transcend the cold and calculated interests of geo-politics. Neither is it a simple, provincial problem -- there is a very likely possibility of radicalisation that will, undoubtedly, have devastating repercussions for the whole world, because no one, not even the wealthiest nations, can insulate themselves from the violent extremism that is born out of the sufferings of the disgruntled and oppressed. The magnitude of destruction wreaked by the Myanmar army is appalling. It is not a defensive or pre-emptive move against a radical faction, ARSA, within the Rohingya community, but a decisive move in a decades-long series of attacks and constant persecution, aimed to wipe out an entire ethnic minority population in Myanmar. That should be abhorrent to anyone with a conscience. So why will the powerful countries of the world not take Myanmar to task?