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A worrying trend

  • Published at 06:42 pm December 7th, 2017
  • Last updated at 03:40 pm December 8th, 2017
A worrying trend
It has become all too common for people to go missing with little or no explanation. The unexplained disappearance of former ambassador Maroof Zaman is just the latest in a series of such mysteries. Over the last eight years, almost 400 people have gone missing, with their families and the public is nowhere closer to the truth than when they initially disappeared. This phenomenon is, at the very least, a failure of law and order. It serves no purpose to point fingers and play blame games, but our law enforcement personnel, at the very least, have a responsibility make the public feel safe. But when prominent citizens go missing without a trace, leaving so many questions unanswered, no one feels safe. Particularly concerning is the matter of safeguarding the rights of those at the bottom of the social ladder. Most of those who disappear without explanation are upstanding citizens with no evidence of wrongdoing or illegal activity; and even if there were such evidence, it is incumbent upon the police and other law enforcement agencies to do everything in their power to get to the bottom of these disappearances -- the public should not be kept in the dark. Certainly, it is not wise to jump to conclusions, which is why it is all the more important for the government to get to the bottom of these mysteries -- that would serve to not only reassure the public, but also put a stop to any unfounded rumours and speculation.