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A swift response is needed

  • Published at 07:25 pm November 14th, 2017
  • Last updated at 10:16 am November 15th, 2017
A swift response is needed
The attacks on a Hindu community in Thakurpura village in Rangpur are testimony to the communal hatred that still exists and  regrettably thrives within our society, and serve as a reminder of just how vulnerable our minority communities still are. And we have seen this phenomenon before -- all it takes is for one person to frame a member of a religious minority through a falsely attributed social media post, and the flames of communal hatred are stoked. Time and again, minority communities have been attacked as retribution for something they never said or did -- the appalling attacks on Buddhist communities in Ramu and the recent assault on an indigenous community in Langadu are but two examples. The sad fact is, these manufactured excuses for attacks are frequent enough that the government needs to look at them as a specific category of their own. Our law enforcement personnel need to stop these kinds of atrocities before they start, or, failing that, have in place a rapid response mechanism such that such attacks are swiftly and severely extinguished. To that end, law enforcement needs to have specific guidelines in place for how to deal with crimes of this nature -- crimes that have evolved for the digital age. Rapid response teams need to be in place, and these teams should have proper training in handling such matters. Attacks like the one in Rangpur have become too frequent to ignore, and unless the government acts soon, no one will be safe.