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Speed it up

  • Published at 06:34 pm October 12th, 2017
  • Last updated at 12:54 am October 13th, 2017
Speed it up
The announcement of the metro rail project MRT line-6 nearly four years ago was a sign that Bangladesh was steadily seeing the promises of Vision 2020 come to fruition. One does not need to know the ins and outs of infrastructure to realise that a metro railway connecting Uttara and Motijheel, that would be able to transport 60,000 people every hour, would shave off a lot of time spent on the road for commuters across the city. Which is why it is a matter of great disappointment that the project has been in a state of limbo thus far, making only 12% progress in the four years since construction began. The most cited reason appears to be last year’s terror attack in Gulshan in which several foreign officials perished, including a few Japanese officials who were attached to the project. While it is understandable that such a tragic incident would have an impact, it still means that the project has stalled more than it should have. It is a well-known fact that projects of such magnitude leave enough scope for corrupt bureaucrats to swoop in and suck funds out of, and therefore the government needs to make sure that a project as important as this does not get stalled because of greed. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself inaugurated this project four years ago, it is part of the sitting government’s wider vision of a truly connected Bangladesh. No further delays can be excused -- the metro rail project needs to be sped up.