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No child left behind

  • Published at 06:33 pm September 7th, 2017
No child  left behind
A nation cannot move forward unless it takes care of its children. After all, today’s children are the ones who will be making the big decisions for the country tomorrow. So, amid all the exploitation and poverty we see children being subjected to, it is heartening to see that Sonar Bangla Children Home is Kuizbari village under Tangail sadar upazila is taking good care of one of the most underprivileged segments of children in our society -- the children of sex workers. These children, who would be turned back from other places, complete their primary education from Sonar Bangla and then go on to seek secondary education elsewhere in Tangail. But the child of a sex worker is like any other child, so why the stigma? This school is a beacon of hope because it removes this stigma and shows that all children deserve a chance, whatever skewed society perceptions may be. Of course, this one school cannot single-handedly solve the overwhelming problem of child exploitation, but it can inspire others to venture into similar projects. All children have potential, and they should not be left behind simply because of the disadvantaged circumstances of their birth. When children get caught up in unlawful or undesirable activities, it is a failure of our system to integrate them into society and shield them from abusive situations. And as has been seen from the students of Sonar Bangla Children Home, when given the chance, these children can excel in their studies and become good, productive citizens. In the longer term though, the root cause of children’s vulnerability in the first place -- poverty -- must be addressed. Ultimately, the real solution is in destroying the stigma associated with sex work, so that the children of sex workers can go to normal schools, like the normal children that they are.