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We need a long-term plan for flooding

  • Published at 06:32 pm August 31st, 2017
  • Last updated at 06:43 pm August 31st, 2017
We need a long-term plan for flooding
Just as the city was starting to enjoy the sun, the rains made an ugly return. The recent wave of floods has dealt much damage to our nation, bringing severe destruction of property in certain parts of the country and causing nearly 25,000 people to be hit by post-flood diseases. We weren’t prepared for this. A baffling set of circumstances, given that Bangladesh has a history of destructive floods, and that our geographic disadvantage of being a delta country leaves us vulnerable most of the year. It’s an issue that has always been an impediment on our road to progress, and it’s high time that the government took it into cognizance in developing our cities. With tomorrow being Eid-ul-Azha, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine the flood situation being exacerbated by all the animal remains and blood that will inevitably wash down onto the streets -- a public health hazard in the making. We have to be prepared for this. In the short-term, our city corporations need to mobilise in order to prevent such an undesirable situation. In the long-term, our administration needs to seriously consider an overhaul of our drainage systems.