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A step forward in diplomacy

  • Published at 06:57 pm August 8th, 2017
  • Last updated at 07:00 pm August 8th, 2017
A step forward in diplomacy
It is only through diplomacy and dialogue with other countries that Bangladesh will find its place and move forward in the world. The seven new fully-fledged Bangladeshi diplomatic missions to be opened, then, signals good things to come for our nation, as we extend and strengthen our friendships with foreign countries. Kudos to the Foreign Ministry for taking the initiative in setting up embassies or missions in Toronto, Sydney, Chennai, Freetown, Bucharest, Kabul, and Khartoum. With some 7 million Bangladeshis living abroad, and sending approximately $12 billion a year as remittance, better foreign relations through more embassies will only pay rich dividends to the country in the years to come.