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Keeping our data safe

  • Published at 05:49 pm March 9th, 2017
  • Last updated at 09:23 pm March 9th, 2017
Keeping our data safe

With 4,500 digital union centres around the country, there is no doubt that Digital Bangladesh is well on its way to becoming a reality.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s plan to develop our ICT sector and digitise the nation in various aspects has, so far, seen tremendous success.

The government has already pledged to set up forensic labs, IT parks, a cyber security agency, and other digital initiatives to ensure that this progress does not stop.

But as we strive towards improving infrastructure which nurtures technology and its growth, it is also important that we keep security a priority.

Technology can go even further to help people in various ways, but we must be vigilant about potential for abuse.

The Bangladesh Bank heist from last year was a reminder of how much damage a vulnerable security system can cause.

And with $4 billion being stolen by hackers every year, it has become imperative that the focus on cyber security is intensified.

Progress will mean little if those who use it, be it for their business or to connect with their loved ones abroad, if their digital information information is left ripe for the picking.

More secure infrastructures must be put in place to ensure that citizens and their digital information are protected. A lack of security would only act as an obstacle towards achieving a Digital Bangladesh envisioned by the government and its citizens.

In an age where most of us are so dependent on technology, it is high time that security became a concern for the government.

The government must remember that, on the way to progress, digital innovation and cyber security go hand in hand.