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Protect our water resources

  • Published at 12:00 am December 1st, 2016
  • Last updated at 01:35 pm December 1st, 2016
Protect our water resources

Water is a fundamental human right, and the most precious resource on the planet.

To that end, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s words at the Budapest Water Summit are timely, and we would do well to heed her directives and make water a priority.

Water scarcity and water pollution remain issues for a great number of countries, but Bangladesh is particularly affected by a lack of easily available drinking water. The PM’s proposed seven-point agenda is admirable in that it lays out the groundwork for how we can work to mitigate the water crisis for not just ourselves, but for future generations.

The main reason behind the persisting water crisis in Bangladesh is a lack of equitable distribution.

Bangladesh has been experiencing water shortages due, in large part, to the Gajoldoba barrage and the Indian government’s various attempts at diverting water flow away from Bangladesh.

The solution to this problem is within an arm’s reach in the form of the Teesta treaty, the signing of which has been endlessly stalled for short-sighted political reasons.

It would behoove us to take direction from the four core tenets of the PM’s agenda for water: Resilience, management, cooperation, and funding.

Water plays a key role in the culture, ethos, lives, and livelihoods of people the world over -- everything from agriculture to personal health hinges on ample availability of water.

A resource so inextricable with the very existence of the human race should not be held ransom because of the indifference or greed of politicians, businesses, and bureaucrats.