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Let the Digital Khichuri Challenge begin

  • Published at 12:00 am November 29th, 2016
  • Last updated at 03:42 pm November 29th, 2016
Let the Digital Khichuri Challenge begin

The Dhaka Tribune is proud to be media partner for the Digital Khichuri Challenge, which started yesterday and will end on November 30.

The event, co-sponsored by Facebook and UNDP, supported by Google, and organised by Affinis Labs, seeks to bring Bangladesh’s diverse history to the forefront.

These kinds of events go a long way in showcasing this great nation and the values it truly stands for.

Bangladesh’s history boasts diversity amongst its people, and this initiative is a stellar example of how that fact can be celebrated and brought to light.

More importantly, this competition reminds us of the fact that Bangladesh, even today, remains a bastion of plurality, and that we should continue to honour our traditions of co-existence and tolerance, and to be proud of the diversity that truly makes our nation a great one.

In the wake of the troubles which have plagued Bangladesh, the Digital Khichuri Challenge can stand as a positive example of creativity and innovation, to showcase the country’s talent, to hone their skills, and most importantly, to provide a platform which combines creative storytelling with ability to bring the rich traditions of peaceful coexistence under the spotlight.

This is what Bangladesh is all about. And this is why Dhaka Tribune is proud to be a partner for the competition.

We wish the participants and sponsors the best of luck and hope to see more events of its kind in the future.