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Now is the time to act

  • Published at 12:00 am November 7th, 2016
  • Last updated at 09:01 am November 7th, 2016
Now is the time to act

With Bangladesh being one of the countries most susceptible to climate change, the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP22) is a good opportunity for the world to come up with long-term solutions to its adverse effects.

Bangladesh is rapidly losing significant amounts of arable land to rising sea levels and increasing water salinity. This could have disastrous results, not the least of which is the loss of livelihoods for millions and a possible famine.

Last year, the conference in Paris, despite pledging to keep global temperature rise between 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, short-changed many developing nations such as ours.

Developed nations need to do more.

It is grossly unjust that industrial countries have produced most of the pollution which is causing climate change, but the greatest suffering will be inflicted upon low-lying poor countries like Bangladesh which have hardly produced any pollution.

As a result, the presence of climate-vulnerable countries such as Bangladesh should be felt at the upcoming conference in Marrakech, Morocco. Pushing for taxation on fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy should be higher on the agenda.

Additionally, it should be made clear to the rest of the world that more well-off nations need to participate in improving the climate that they have created.

Financial and political contributions to countries such as ours would go a long way in battling the effects of climate change.

Otherwise, we are slated to have a disaster in our hands.

The world needs a clean energy revolution that will allow for continuous economic growth while simultaneously ensuring that pollution isn’t a factor.

The COP22 at Marrakech is where this needs to be done. And there’s no better time than now.