Rahima Begum case: When will the arrested get bail?

Police found Rahima Begum six days ago, but those arrested over her alleged disappearance have yet to secure bail

Six days have passed since Rahima Begum was found alive in Faridpur. But those arrested in connection with her alleged abduction have yet to secure bail. 

Their families are now passing their days with worry and anxiety.

The families not only want their bail, but the unconditional release of their loved ones and punishment for those responsible for their suffering.

Ayesha, wife of arrested Golam Kibria, said that they filed a bail petition in the court of Metropolitan Sessions Judge Mahmuda Khanam on September 27. 

However, the bail hearing was postponed due to the judge’s husband falling ill. “The hearing is now scheduled for October 4,” she added. 

Arrested Helal Sharif's wife Monira Akhter said she is going to the court to talk to lawyers every day, but they told her that they cannot apply for bail until the PBI submits its report.

Khulna District Bar Association President Advocate Saiful Islam, the lawyer for the arrested, said the hearing is scheduled for another day.

Mariyam Hasnat Mou, the wife of arrested Rafiqul Islam Palash, said: “We have not applied for bail till now. There are plans to apply for bail at a later date. However, we now demand not only bail, but the unconditional release of the 5 arrested persons. We want Moriom Mannan and her mother, Rahima Begum, to be sent to jail and brought to book.”

“People believed in us in the case of Rahima Begum’s disappearance. We kept their trust. We rescued Rahima Begum alive. Now this whole matter needs to be investigated thoroughly. Our work is to investigate and reveal the real mystery behind Rahima’s disappearance,” said Khulna PBI Superintendent of Police Syed Mushfiqur Rahman.

“The court will decide whether to release the arrested persons or not,” he added. 

Rahima, whose family claimed she had gone missing, was found after 29 days on September 24, but not before her family members had filed a case, leading to six arrests.

Police initially suspected that she had left her home due to some family dispute over land.   

The entire incident was diverted when her daughter Moriom Mannan claimed to have identified her dead body on September 22.

However, the police rescued her from a house in Faridpur on September 24.