CU staff accused of taking 8L from candidates over recruitment

The accused employee works as a junior assistant in the registrar's office

An employee of the registrar's office has been accused of taking Tk8.20 lakh from three candidates for the recruitment of Chittagong University (CU) employees.

The employee also threatened a candidate if he wanted to return the money taken a year and a half ago. A candidate recently sent a legal notice to the employee, accusing him of fraud and demanded a refund.

The accused employee was identified as Manik Chandra Das. He works as a junior assistant in the registrar's office. 

There are allegations that that he introduces himself as a section officer everywhere.

The three job seekers are Rakib Faraji, Sohel Khan and Maksudus Salehin from Madaripur.

According to the victims, the university administration issued two recruitment circulars on May 31 and June 1, 2021. 

Manik took Tk8.20 lakh from Madaripur residents Rakib Faraji, Sohail Khan, and Maksudus Saleheen by promising jobs as low-level assistants and office assistants (class III and IV). 

Manik later threatened to kill one of the victims if he demanded the money back in without getting jobs.

On July 25, the victims sent a legal notice to Manik Chandra, alleging fraud and seeking a refund.

When asked about it, the victim, Maksudus Salehin, said: “I met Manik in Dhaka while teaching his wife. He introduced himself as a section officer. He informed me of the circular before it was published. Initially, he instructed me to give him Tk30 thousand.

“After a while, he took Tk70 thousand, followed by the rest of the money. He used to say that he knows a influential figure who says I won't get a job without paying the money," he added. 

Following that, two of Maksudus’s students also gave Manik some money.

The victim also said that Manik at first specified that he would provide cheques and stamps as proof of payment. But after a few days, he refused to provide any document. 

He continued: “At one point, I tricked him by telling him that they (two of his students) won’t give money without these, and he then duped us by sending a cheque without a signature. Later, he signed again and mailed back the cheque. Then he promised that everything would be finished by December.” 

However, the three victims asked Makin to return the money as they were not financially solvent. “He then sent one cheque dated December 28 and two cheques dated February 20 of last year. He refused to give the money even after much pleading.  Later, when a check expired, I sent a legal notice,” he added.

What CU staff says?

"All of these allegations are false," Manik Chandra Das said when asked about the allegations.

"They are trying to frame me. I intend to pursue legal action as soon as possible."

When asked about the allegation, CU Registrar (Acting) SM Monirul Hasan said: “We learned about it from the media. We have a zero-tolerance policy in this regard. If he has done something like this, I will definitely punish him severely.”

Earlier this year, five phone conversations related to financial transactions in the appointment of lecturers in Chittagong University's Persian language and literature department were leaked. 

The personal secretary of the university's vice-chancellor was overheard discussing money transactions in one of the phone conversations with a candidate for the position of lecturer. 

In another phone conversation, a university employee mentioned that the Vice-Chancellor needs money to manage the top officials of the relevant government departments, which sparked outrage across the country. 

The vice chancellor's personal secretary was was demoted as a result of this incident.

Furthermore, the employee Ahmad Hossain was terminated later.