BM container depot fire: CU students in 2 buses reach CMCH to donate blood

CMCH authorities request people to donate blood for the injured being treated at the hospital

Chittagong University (CU) students have gathered at Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH) to donate blood to those injured in the explosion at BM Container Depot (ICD) in Sitakunda.

Hundreds of students flocked to the CMCH in two CU buses early in the morning.

CMCH authorities requested people to donate blood for the injured in the incident, as the hospital is overwhelmed with patients.

District Civil Surgeon Ilias Hossain has also urged all the doctors in Chittagong to go to CMCH to help tackle the situation.

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He said more than 100 burnt and injured people are being treated at the Emergency Department, Burn Unit, Surgery Units.

As per the latest reports, 20 people have been killed and over 450 injured in the incident.

CMCH authorities have requested those interested to donate blood to contact Saddam Hussein and Sohail Ibrahim, CPG Blood Bank volunteers at the hospital, on an emergency basis. 

01715969697 (Saddam)

01723930044 (Sohail)

Those who are in need of blood have been asked to call Kawshar at 017484601.