Taimur: Will not boycott Narayanganj city polls under any circumstances

The independent aspirant vows to continue his mayoral run at any cost

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Nothing, not even arrest, can stop from him contesting the Narayanganj City Corporation election, says Taimur Alam Khandaker, who is running for mayor as an independent candidate.

“My supporters and campaigners are being arrested… will not boycott the election under any circumstances, even if I am arrested or dead,” he said on Saturday.

Speaking at a news briefing, Taimur, whom the BNP removed from its advisory council for contesting the elections, said that he would win by a huge margin.

“All that I can say to the administration that, your responsibility is to serve the people. I have requested them several times and now I leave it to their conscience,” he said before vowing to continue his mayoral run at any cost.

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Complaining of harassment, Taimur said that most of his supporters, who have been arrested, were in-charge of running his campaign in several areas of the city.

The official campaign ended on Friday ahead of the voting on Sunday. 

Taimur is running against two-time Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy, the ruling Awami League’s candidate.

The Election Commission, which has been widely criticized over its failure to prevent the deadly violence in the ongoing union parishad elections, said that it hopes the polls will have a "pleasant" ending.

For the first time, the elections to Narayanganj City Corporation will be held exclusively through electronic voting machines (EVMs).

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