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Update : 06 May 2016, 07:54 PM

Can you smell that, gentlemen, that confusing and moody temperature of our own city? That in-between period of unbearable heat and the teasing cool breeze after rainfall can only last for so long. This is also a time when men and women take for the air and enjoy a short holiday abroad. And airport style is as important as walking into an office. However, a trip to the airport and plane ready style doesn’t have to be a drag or uncomfortable. There’s the difficult way and the more stylish and comfortable way. Let’s stick with the latter, shall we?

Top GunOn the way to the airport is a mission on its own in a city like ours. However, what most people tend to forget is what proper things to wear during the flight. While it might be scorching hot outside, as the weather hints to dark clouds, it does get chilly up there. The cabin pressure mounts and that air conditioner is in full blast. This is where a blazer, suit jacket or cardigan comes into play. It’s the outer most layer and a very comfortable one at that. The cotton or even light-wool fabric and a cardigan is possibly the most ideal top layer to have on a plane. It’s super light and comes on and off quite easily. And even though a suit jacket or deconstructed blazer is a stylish choice, you might not want to risk creasing or wrinkling. Although a cardigan is the best choice, a fitted blazer or suit jacket is equally sophisticated and can be as comfortable as the former. It all depends on the make of the jacket. Last but not least, it’ll go perfectly with the overall outfit. These are classics, so stick with it.

What lies beneathNow that we’ve gotten the exterior somewhat out of the way, it’s time to focus on what goes underneath. Again, comfort is key. Doesn’t matter if you’re sliding into first class or taking the economy route, you want to stay as comfortable as possible while looking classy. A pique polo shirt or a Henley makes things much easier for the wearer. It’s a no fuss option that remains elegant throughout. Don’t worry about the brand either, it usually comes down to the cut and fit of the shirts. Remember, this isn’t your work place, which means loosening things up a bit isn’t a bad thing. Don’t worry about tucking your polo or Henley in either. Unless of course, you’re travelling business class, and need to hop off a plane and into a board meeting within the next hour. It’s all about the super cool and super comfy look when you’re on the plane. Just as long as the length of your shirt doesn’t go past the mid-section of your butt, you’re good to go.

Bottom of the solePossibly the most important part of the entire outfit is what you’re wearing on your feet. Whether you’re wearing chinos or slim-fit denim, loafers and canvas sneakers are the best kind of shoes for a plane ride. Sitting in those seats for more than an hour can surprisingly bring plenty of discomfort on your legs and feet. The key here is to find a pair that you can easily slip on and off without having to rustle around with the laces. The last thing you need is your legs falling asleep and cutting the circulation off to your feet. Wouldn’t things be easier if you could simply slide your feet out with a tug of a lace? It’s even better with loafers that are without laces.

Dressing safe and simple is the best possible way to travel. The best part is you don’t have to give too much of an effort to pull any of this off. We’re trust you on the taste of your clothes on your journey into the exotic. Go on now, have a safe flight.

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