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Barbeque delights

  • Published at 04:07 pm November 24th, 2018
wt-Nov 13, 2018
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Amari Dhaka brings barbequed  dishes in an assortment of styles

Every night is a delicious flame-grilled feast overlooking the city view at Amari’s signature buffet restaurant Amaya Food Gallery. The rotating-themed barbecue station will feature fresh cuts in Australian, American, Moroccan and Bengali styles – guaranteed to amaze even the most sceptical with its variety and quality. The barbecue is a hot addition to the five-station Interactive Dinner buffet served every night. 

Australian and American style barbecue showcases cuts with crisp exterior and juicy luxurious interiors that melt in the mouth. The spicy rub on the shrimp, lamb steaks and chicken can be savoured all by its lonesome. The cuts are grilled with seasonings made with whisked garlic, olive oil, rosemary, mustard, lemon juice, ground black pepper, and salt – slow roasted to perfection. 

The Moroccan style features super flavourful lamb chops and shrimps covered with wonderful Moroccan-style seasoning and barbecue sauce. The chops and shrimps are slow-grilled allowing it to absorb the exotic spices and herbs. The taste is elevated with the use of unrefined sea salt, lime juice, black pepper, ground coriander and other flavourings. The cuts are complemented by grilled seasoned vegetables. 

The Bengali style barbecued cuts features unique seasoned steak lamb chops and chicken cuts. Slow-grilled in their own juices and locally inspired spice mix, it perfectly comes together to deliver a sensational taste. The rich taste is complimented by a mesmerizing aroma. 

The barbecue along with interactive dinner buffet is available only at BDT 4000 net with buy one get one applicable for selected cards. For details and reservation, please call 01777796444.