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Sushi, sashimi and more

  • Published at 03:44 pm October 30th, 2018
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Sushi Tei presents an authentic Japanese foodie experience

When it comes to food, Bangladeshis are famous gourmands. And like any good foodie, we love to be adventurous about food and explore a variety of items. As tastes develop, we’re all about trying new flavours and cuisines in addition to our traditional delicacies. One such is example is the recent rise in number of people who are trying out Japanese cuisine. However, there are only a few restaurants in Bangladesh that can give their customers the exotic taste of authentic Japanese food. 

Not to worry, here to give your tastebuds a treat is Sushi Tei. Situated in Gulshan, this mini Tokyo is an international franchise that specializes in giving their patrons the bona fide taste of Japan. Sushi Tei believes that the ambience of a restaurant can make or break the authenticity aspect of a foodie’s experience, so you can expect to find a fully Japanese themed interior to complement your food. 

In addition to serving sushi, they also have sashimi, salmon mentai, dai dai rolls, salmon wafu, grilled mentai and over 200 items. A variety of refreshing drinks and Japanese salads are also available for customers, among which their lobster salad is a crowd-favourite. They import their salmon from Norway as it is internationally credited to have the best salmon in the world. Similarly, most of their ingredients are brought in from abroad. 

Sushi Tei emphasizes the aesthetic presentation of their dishes as it is a key constituent in the bona fide Japanese food experience. The head chef of their sushi section, Rashed Nizam, received training in Japan for five years before going on to work in Singapore for several more, effectively earning him the title of ‘Japanese food specialist’. At Sushi Tei, they are courteous and professional about their services and place utmost importance on providing good customer service.  

For a Japanese food lover in search of an adventure, this restaurant might be worth visiting.