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Seemo Intelligent Living promises to provide digital security solutions for homes and offices

  • Published at 04:51 pm October 12th, 2018
Home Automation

Seemo Intelligent Living lets you take control of your own security  

Despite continuous economic and social progress, Bangladesh still suffers from a high rate of crime and lawlessness. The lack of security device equipments in the market and a general unfamiliarity with these create a vulnerability that can be rectified with the right initiative. 

To do exactly that, B-Trac Solutions Ltd, a concern of Bangla Trac Group, has launched Bangladesh’s own, very first security and automation brand Seemo Intelligent Living. 

Meant to provide solution and create a lifestyle change Seemo’s products are tailored for Bangladeshi customers’ needs and unique conditions. Products by Seemo currently includes motion sensors, night vision, two-way communication and cloud storage to ensure the maximum safety and security for family and home.

One of it’s security products, ‘Smart Video Doorbell’, acts as a doorbell and connects to the home wi-fi. Mounted outside the front door the doorbell sends instant real time notifications to customer’s smart phone upon doorbell press. It also takes a snapshot and a 30-second video which can be viewed from anywhere in the world through a free Seemo app. 

In addition, the device has a two-way communication feature allowing direct conversation with visitor through the app. Its motion sensor technology identifies any human motion at doorstep alerting the residents of the house. 

This data, the snapshots and videos, are uploaded on cloud storage service, ensuring data security even if perpetrators destroy or steal DVRs and memory cards. The data remain secured on the cloud and can be accessed anytime through the app.

“Seemo Smart Video Doorbell eliminates threats from compromised security guards, burglars disguised as delivery person or maids, or unwanted visitors, adding an extra protection for the users,” the company said. 

Seemo also offers ‘Smart Indoor Camera’ to monitor inside of homes and offices. This product can work as a security device, baby monitor or to monitor elderly or sick family members. It also has all of the features of ‘Smart Video Doorbell’. 

Seemo app, completely developed in Bangladesh, gets updates regularly by Seemo. The app stores and provide easy access to contact numbers of all police stations in Dhaka so that customers can take immediate action. Seemo’s solution is to prevent crime from happening in the first place.