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Art as therapy

  • Published at 05:41 pm September 20th, 2018
Art Therapy

Three White Dots provide unique platform for finding inner-self.

The second “Colours of play” workshop, a de-stressing art therapy event, was held on September 15, at Kiva Han, Gulshan. The workshop series is the first of its kind in Dhaka, designed with the focus to make people feel good in a fun and creative way - through various activities, as well as art.

The “Colours of play” is a monthly series of workshops that will be held till December. They are being conducted by a new initiative called Three White Dots, led by two art and well being enthusiasts - Nayeema Reza and Rahnuma Binta Rafiq Sonom. “We wanted to create something new and different, yet helpful and impactful,” says Nayeema. “Art has its own therapeutic benefits and can be extremely relaxing!”, she adds. 

At the same time, the initiative's focus is to also revive and bring out the comfort that comes from connecting with other people. “Our workshops bring people together, where they engage in group activities and interactive sessions. People leave the workshops having built new connections and feeling a lot better,” says Sonom. 

In a city where people get drawn into the cycle of chores, hectic work schedules, deadlines, personal problems, or responsibilities - Three White Dots has set out to create an avenue where people can let their frustrations out and just have a great time. The initiative also understands that a lot of people are unaware of the importance of mental well being, and that not everyone understands the need for giving oneself time to really unwind. Their motto is to help people take the first step towards self care and addressing one’s inner thoughts or emotions. Their sessions also include elements of self reflection, venting and finally experimenting with their emotions through the tip of a paint brush. “There's something exciting yet peaceful about the way paint glides over a canvas. Art has helped both of us in many ways and we want people to find happiness or at least calmness in it too,” mentions Nayeema.

At the same time, the initiative's focus is to also revive and bring out the comfort that comes from connecting with other people.

The best part is that no one needs to be an artist or bring any materials to participate in the workshops. Hence it is open for anyone who wants to meet new people, and learn about a new way to take care of themselves, using creativity. The sessions are designed by both Sonom and Nayeema, who are currently working in the Health and Mental Wellbeing space professionally. “We would really like to thank Shafayet Chowdhury Photography,” says Nayeema and adds, “Everyone at the workshop was smiling, talking and painting away happily. Each painting was unique and told a story and we are thankful to Shafayet and his team for capturing all the beautiful moments through their lens.”

Their first workshop was open to just women and children, whereas the second one was open for adults irrespective of gender. The next event is expected to be held around mid October and they are yet to set the theme for it.