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In memory of Abinta Kabir

  • Published at 07:28 pm July 23rd, 2018
In memory of Abinta Kabir
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WINGS organised memorial service for the victims of the Holey Artisan incident

A smallmemorial service for Abinta Kabir and for all those who lost their lives in the tragic Holey Artisan incident two years ago on July 1, 2015 was organized by WINGS at the residence of the president Nehreen Rahman (Tootli) on July 16, 2018.

WINGS is a support group for women founded by the president four years ago.

The memorial began with a song sung by Millia Ali – “Agun er Poroshmoni Choao Prane” followed by a talk by Tootli Rahman, president of WINGS. She spoke about WINGS and how a support group for women can be of great help to one another.

Nilu Murshed, Abinta Kabir's grandmother, is a very ardent board member of WINGS and helps in the projects of WINGS by giving scholarships to underprivileged university students of the law department headed by Dr Shahnaz Huda, professor at Department of Law, Dhaka University from Abinta Kabir Foundation.

Tootli Rahman and all the other speakers who knew Abinta very well spoke about her interactions with them. The speakers were artists Rokeya Sultana and Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Najma Matin, artist Gulshan and Mahua Khair.

Sultan M Mineuddin, coordinator of Abinta Kabir Foundation spoke about all the projects of the foundation in detail.

Later, the principal of Abinta Kabir Foundation School spoke a few words about the school. A short documentary film titled Purple Butterflies was screened during the memorial which talked about Abinta's dreams regarding the school.

Tootli Rahman presented Nilu Murshed with a cheque from WINGS as a donation towards the Abinta Kabir Foundation School.

Nilu Murshed thanked WINGS for the donation and ended the event talking about Abinta's dreams and how they are trying to achieve them through this initiative.