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Hacking your lifestyle

  • Published at 04:42 pm July 12th, 2018

3 apps to help you get it together 

It’s scary how fast the world is changing around us. Technology is evolving at a pace that has us mere mortals scrambling to keep up. While it might seem overwhelming, there’s no reason why we can’t use that same “scary” technology to create a lifestyle that makes sense.

Add some green to your scene 

As city life increasingly forces us towards a fully indoors existence, we become more susceptible to indoor pollution. The obvious answer to this is to green your space, but where to start might pose a challenge. That’s where Plant Life Balance comes in. This free app, available on both Android and iOS, allows you to photograph your space and get a plant-life balance “rating” that tells you your risk level from indoor pollution. It then offers up a list of plants you could incorporate into the space, with some handy features that allow you to drag and drop plants from the list onto your photo to give you an idea of how it would look with the plants in it. 

Developed by Horticulture Innovation Australia, the app aims to improve air quality, promote a healthy, stress-free lifestyle. The Instagram account for the app provides plenty of inspiration to help you plan your space, and makes useful suggestions on the appropriate greens to get. If you’ve been meaning to add a fresh touch to your space, this app is a useful one to have on you.

Get organized

    Does time management drive you bonkers? Things 3, the latest version of the award-winning productivity app Things, recently unrolled its sleek new avatar, creating a stir amongst productivity nerds. While iOS app isn’t free (costs $9.99 in the App Store), the amount of stress it can take out of your life makes it worth the splurge. Seamlessly integrating Google Calendar features to give you timely reminders, help you create a user-friendly “to-do” list, one where you can have the satisfaction of ticking off your completed tasks, for which you can set deadlines so it gives you friendly reminders, and a movable magic cross button to help you easily create a new task anywhere on the pane, this app has it all. 

Take the right meds

One of the truly alarming things about this scary new world is the spread of new diseases and the rise of antibiotic resistance. If you’ve ever felt suspicious about whether you’ve been prescribed the right medication, Iodine is the perfect app for you. Available free for both Android and iOS, this app helps you compare treatments across different conditions and finds you top-rated medications, helps you compare medications side-by-side to help you understand what makes them different and what will work better for you, and takes pregnancy and allergy information into consideration. Basically, it takes the second-guessing out of the equation.

So a healthier space, a streamlined schedule and a healthier you. How’s that for making the most of technology?