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5 Things Unmad Is Tired of Hearing

  • Published at 06:30 pm July 5th, 2018
  • Last updated at 06:54 pm July 5th, 2018

After 40 years in the biz, they’ve seen and heard it all

For four long decades, Unmad has been a trailblazer in South Asian satire, and has played an immense role in changing the notion of children-only comic books. In spite of its massive success, remarkably in the mid-80s, a lot of people seem to have a lot of the same questions. To put the matter at bed at both ends, we went to Drik Gallery, where the longest running South Asian satire magazine is hosting its 40th anniversary exhibition, to ask questions they are tired of hearing.

Why don’t I find Unmad funny?

“You are not supposed to be laughing. It’s a serious magazine,” says Ahsan Habib, Editor in Chief of the magazine. In response to the follow up comment about most people taking at as “only” satire, his response was  “O tai naki! Maybe it’s for them to read.

Why don’t I see your cartoons?

“My name is Anik Khan, and I’m not a cartoonist”

-  Anik Khan, Executive Editor, Writing Department       

Which one do you think was the most popular Unmad office?

“I believe it was the office at Dhanmondi 19, beside Star Kabab. It was very cozy, and people could gather around for adda.” 

- Executive Editor (Drawing department), Mehdi Haque   

Is Unmad still running?

 “YES. Unmad is like your adolescence. After a certain time, you outgrow it. Every generation has adopted it in their own way. And YES, it is running.”

- Associate Editor, Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy    

Where do I get the first issue?

“We get this question the most at the Boimela (we understand it is because people are trying to prove that they are long-time readers.) We do repeal it, but we encourage to read the latest issues.”

- Assistant Editor, Morshed Mishu 

The exhibition is up till July 9 at Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi, for fans, or any enthusiasts of satire and snark, to attend