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8 tourist destinations to visit in 2018

  • Published at 05:20 pm January 12th, 2018
  • Last updated at 05:24 pm January 12th, 2018


With crystal clear waters, untouched beaches, underwater wrecks and reefs, hidden lagoons and adventurous caves – this is a must-visit destination in 2018. Add to that more hidden treasures like the mystical island of Surigao and the UNESCO rice terraces of Banaue, and you call easily resign yourself here for an extended holiday to satisfy your thirst for adventure!


The Northern Lights alone is reason enough to visit this gem of a country, but what makes it special is its unique landscape and exciting glacial adventures. Also, Blue Lagoon anyone?


If you haven’t visited Halong Bay yet, where have you been living? But Vietnam is more than just that – with amazing cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Ming, Hue, Hoi-An, Dalat…the list is endless! Also, being extremely cheap and backpacker friendly, your dollars here will seem to stretch forever!


If you are getting married in 2018, there’s no doubt about it – Maldives NEEDS to be your honeymoon destination. Anyone who has ever seen a photo of the trademark over-the-water bungalows and villas will know exactly what I’m talking about. It may not be budget friendly, but choose an all-inclusive island getaway and spend your honeymoon in peace and luxury. Treat yo-self!


Greece is more than just Athens, Mykonos and Santorini – although these are definitely the must-do attractions, take some time to study up on Greek mythology; you will simply appreciate Greece more. And Greek food is mouth-watering! Add to the fact that the Euro is still a little weak there comparatively, and you will find amazing deals once looking. Don’t forget to book a weeklong cruise exploring the Aegean islands on a yacht or a catamaran.


With neighbours like Italy, Greece and Turkey, this beautiful country is often overlooked. Don’t make that mistake in 2018 – especially if you’re a Game of Thrones fan! Many of the iconic scenes were filmed here.


Machu Pichu and Llamas-- need we say more?


Very appropriately the last destination on our list – because Bhutan is where you can go to find inner peace. This country prides itself on its “Happiness Index” and no matter where you go – you will always encounter happy and content people – a rarity in today’s world. Also, unlike its neighbor Nepal, Bhutan has taken extensive measures in ensuring responsible tourism and nature lovers will appreciate the fact that over 70% of Bhutan is forested land. Also, do make the effort to trek up for incredible views of the Tiger’s Nest Monastery! For more travel inspiration follow "Feetpin Travel with Jennifer" on Facebook at facebook.com/feetpin or read more at feetpin.wordpress.com