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Warm, fuzzy feelings

  • Published at 04:22 pm January 11th, 2018
Warm, fuzzy feelings
We’re finally getting a brief spell of super cold weather, so everyone’s scrambling to layer up. The heavy blankets are being hauled out, mothballs and all. Here are a few hacks to keep all your winter warmers fresh and toasty. We’ve broken it down by material to make things simple.

Cash-mere outside, how bow dat?

If you want to show your cashmere sweater or pashmina shawl a good time, wash it by hand in cold water with baby shampoo. Avoid hanging by clothespins; this stretches it out, and this is particularly true for sweaters. When packing up cashmere, clean it first, (because moths love their fuzzy goat-fur marinated in sweat and perfume), and wrap in tissue paper.

Wool you treat me right?

Wool might keep you warm, but it hates hot water, so keep that kettle away. Cold to lukewarm water, and mild detergent will keep your sweaters, coats and pants feeling fresh throughout the season. If you get a spill on your wool sweater, dab lightly with club soda, using a paper towel. Hang your coats on wooden hangers, and give them room to breathe. Before stowing the wool for a day, empty out your pockets to keep your woollies in shape. If your sweater starts pilling, run a razor across the pills to remove them.

Are you down, down, down?

For the down kombols and jackets, cleaning them involves a lot of soaking. Go easy on the detergent as soap residue can make your down lose its fluff factor. Be patient through the slow drying process; high heat can damage down-filled garments. Toss a few tennis balls into the washing machine if you’re washing it at home. This can reduce clumping.

Velvet crush

If you thought your cashmere was high maintenance, it’s nothing compared to your velvet. Velvet won’t forgive you if you try to iron or fold it. If you must get the wrinkles out, hang it in the bathroom before taking a hot shower, and let the steam do its magic. Unlike with cashmere, reading the cleaning instructions is important; some types of velvet can only be dry-cleaned, while others are machine-washable. To keep your velvet pristine, comb it with a lint-roller. When storing velvet, wrap it in tissue and lay it flat inside a box or garment bag.