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5 ways you can still achieve your #2017 goals

  • Published at 04:03 pm January 4th, 2018
  • Last updated at 07:45 pm January 9th, 2018
5 ways you can still achieve your #2017 goals
So you’re that person who made a list of “Things To Achieve In 2017” beautifully written down on the first two to three pages of your journal. You promised yourself you would tick those resolutions off the list, one by one, at the beginning of the year. But now with only a few days left of what was going to be “Your Year” and hardly getting anything done, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by guilt, and disappointment (especially, after coming across this article, maybe?). Is there any point in making resolutions this year again, knowing you're just not going to follow through all over again? Take a long, deep breath Stop panicking. Breathe. Don’t be so hard on yourself. We have all been there. We know that achieving goals is not that easy. Almost 25 percent of the resolutions made by individuals every year, are broken or forgotten about by the end of the following week. But it’s never too late to carry on with those goals. You start when you think you’re ready. Be it right now, at this very moment. It doesn't have to be the beginning, end or half-way through the year for you to start over. All that matters is your mental state. Set practical goals Have you been making and breaking the same goals, over and over again throughout the year? Then it's time for you to start setting goals that are more practical. Instead of telling yourself you'll 12 books in 12 months, why not just start with two? If you can't make yourself  go to the gym everyday, just start with some daily squats at home. Even going out and chilling with old friends can be a big step forward for the introverts and can give you a sense of accomplishment. Aim for goals which are achievable, specific, meaningful, and practical. Be it one meaningful goal or even three tangible goals you want to accomplish, choose something that will be progressive or measurable, and eventually bring you that happiness you were looking for.  One at a time Plan every day in advance, jot down all your goals, and set dates for each of them, separately. Focus on  the  goals and the things you need to accomplish them, but make sure to achieve them one at a time, motivating  you as you progress . The key is to not go overboard with those goals and handle them strategically, starting with the hardest one. Forget the date A new year can be a tough thing to face, especially when you're feeling a bit blue at the end of the year, looking back at all the things you didn't get done. Stop focusing on your failures. We all have a bad habit of indulging in too much reflection at the end of the year, and being too hard on ourselves. It's just a date, and just because the year is over doesn't mean you've run out of time. So cheer up, shake off all that sloth and self-pity and focus on getting things done. It's never too late to resolve to do better. You don't know whether 2018 will be your year or not, but honestly it doesn't matter. All that matters is you think of the future, not the past.  Give yourself a pat on the back Look at it this way, you successfully survived 2017! Whether you've reached one out of ten goals, or none at all, be proud of yourself and enjoy all the things you did get done. Only you know what you’ve accomplished. Celebrate, reward yourself, go and do that one thing you’ve always planned to do, whether it's a trip to Sylhet with the gang or baking yourself a chocolate indulgence, so you can start the new year with a clear head and a happy heart. Just have more practical goals this time, because you actually do have all the time in the world ahead of you. *Achievement unlocked*