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If you got it, flaunt it

  • Published at 06:35 pm August 9th, 2017
If you got it, flaunt it
When the weather isn’t being a petulant child, and the sun is on full-assault, there are a few summer shirts that will enhance your outfit and that fit body you’ve been maintaining. Some may hate or hint to body shaming, but what actual laws are you breaking by looking fit and healthy? None. Okay, maybe harness in those weapons of mass destruction from time to time, and never wear anything that resembles George Clooney’s nipple-suit in Batman & Robin. The following flattering shirts cannot be worn by every man, which is the unfortunate truth. Yes, you actually have to be in shape and maintain your overall look. And we cannot go without mentioning how important grooming is before you decide to swap shirts either. When all is said and done, your summer body will thank you for these options.

Crew neck tee

The most comfortable and casual of the lot, a slim-fitted crew neck tee is the perfect off-hours option to show off. The fit with these kinds of tee shirts will have a snug fit around the shoulders and chest, which gives more exposure for your sculpted arms. The sleeves will lay in a flush manner and end right where the bicep meets the armpit. Depending on the colour, you can style this tee shirt with contrasting fitted chinos or dark-wash jeans. And of course, a pair of sneakers of your choice. The entire look is a minimal approach, you want to look as light as possible and let your biceps do the rest.

Knit polo

Ah, yes, we take things to a more sophisticated note. You can already tell this type of shirt goes best in a semi-formal setting or simply on a night out. More specifically, look for a knit polo that have cuffs designed on them. The reason for this little characteristic is to draw more attention to your defined arms. Here is another shirt that will hug your body rather than squeeze it. Remember, no Batman & Robin nipples. These will contour your shape more than the pique version of the polo. The knit polo will also go well with fitted chinos or dressy jeans to look its best. While sneakers aren’t completely out of the equation, loafers will be ideal in this kind of look. And this is also an occasion to add more accessories to the look, be it a wristwatch or a couple of woven leather bracelets.

Short-sleeve button down

There is no doubting the class a fitted short-sleeve button down shirt can bring into a joint. You can always opt for a high-quality fabric that has plenty of sheen, but a closer-to-formal short sleeve shirt works too. It’s especially at an advantage if you can combine this kind of shirt with dress pants or suit trousers. Out of the three styles, this gels in perfectly for a fancy night out or event that requires some classic lace-ups on your feet. The beauty of the entire look is that it seems everything is tailor made. It’s almost as if you went out of your way to make the entire look custom-made just because it’s summer, and just because you felt like it. Swagger, gentlemen. This shirt will do exactly that. It will bring plenty of sophistication and a completely different look you usually don’t see around often. In fact, not many men will dare to attempt this look. Go forth, gentlemen, and let the commoners enjoy the gun show.