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Do unto others...

  • Published at 05:08 pm August 6th, 2017
Do unto others...


Society for Education and Inclusion of the Disabled (SEID), a non government entity, pledges to diminish the hindrances faced by unprivileged children with Neuro developmental Disability (NDD) and Multiple Disabilities (MD) and difficulty in being accepted by the society. SEID, a 13-year old organisation, not only prepares these kids for future through physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, but it also provides them with study materials, food, transport, sports and cultural activities. SEID only provides pre-school and special education to prepare these students to get accepted into mainstream schools for further education. Voluntarily students from different schools, colleges and universities are on board with SEID in sharing their knowledge on education, art with these little fellows. Work schedule entirely depends on nature of work. For instance, as a teacher assistant in the beginner class – called 'Kusumkali' - one has to spend at least 2.5 hours, whereas vocational section time schedule is from 10:30am to 4pm. To be a part of SEID team as a volunteer, all an interested person needs to do is send an email to the organisation with a small essay about himself and his area of interest. For groups, applicants must submit a list of applicants with valid contact details. SEID, House # 6/5 (3rd Floor), Block # B, Humayun Road Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh. E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]t

Project Pothchola and Project Konna

Project Pothchola and Project Konna are two programs that were initiated by the BANDHU Foundation. Project Pothchola works for children of sex-workers to provide them with a life of basic dignity and freedom accorded to any human being and as sensible individual decision makers of society. Project Konna works on raising awareness about maintaining menstrual hygiene among underprivileged adolescents. Currently working in Kushtia, the initiative aspires to decrease the rate of school drop-out due to menstruation, empowering underprivileged women with social business and most importantly producing a low cost eco-friendly pad for girls and women. Saif Mithu from Project Pothchola and Project Konna spoke about a decrease in volunteers: “Now-a-days, volunteering no longer attracts the young generation like it used to. Interest in part-time work is resulting in volunteer scarcity for long-term projects. To bring a change in the mindset of the youth you have to convince them that volunteer work is not just helping others but also developing oneself for the future. Also, to engage them we need to motivate them through dynamic circumstances and challenges.” According to Saif Mithu from Project Pothchola and Project Konna, work timing is not more than 10 to 12 hours per month. And for recruitment information he urges to keep eyes on their Facebook pages. The links are given below https://www.facebook.com/pg/projectpothchola/ and https://www.facebook.com/projectpothchola/

Physically-challenged Development Foundation

Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF) is an organisation committed to creating social awareness, ensuring equal rights, and creating a skilled work force within the disabled community. Youth organization, PDF considers disability as an evolving concept that results from the interaction between people with impairment, attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinder full and effective participation in the society on an equal basis with others. Mizanur Rahman Kiron, founder and president of Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF) said, “We are encouraging HSC graduate students to serve for the community in between their University admission. PDF strongly encourages the participation of our youth in activities that will benefit the nation and advocate youth-led community service. Also PDF is not naïve; we don't believe that simply participating in our projects will make someone a future leader. However, we do believe that it will certainly arouse responsibility in them and create a feeling that something needs to be done to improve our society.” PDF is looking for volunteer for communication and fundraising works. They urge anyone with interest to write them on following address [email protected] or [email protected]

Amader Pathshala

Amader Pathshala, a school for underprivileged children is fighting against the idea of “poor quality education for the poor,” since its inception. Amader Pathshala, providing primary education to children from 2008, is working to break this psychological barrier and construct the belief that everyone inside a society holds a certain amount of value as a human being, and so do these children. Every Saturday, the premises of Amader Pathshala becomes a hub of performing arts to enrich these children’s cultural knowledge and involvement. The entire day is dedicated to training them in painting, music, dance, theatre and more, and teachers from relevant fields come in to teach them. The school encourages young and talented people to join in for teaching these children. Ranajit Majumdar, from Amader Pathshala said, “We always appreciate and welcome volunteers. It is always helpful if they come to visit the school and talk to us, so that they can understand the workings of the school better and we can know about their expertise and interests.” Amader Pathshala, House#58, Road#15, Block#D, Pallabi, Mirpur-12, Dhaka. Contact number - 01816312648