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Pool party

  • Published at 04:22 pm July 27th, 2017
Pool party
Spending quality time in the bathroom, while you’re tapping and swiping away on Snapchat, you’ll yearn for the sun to come back into the picture. So many celebs and even your friends are out and about abroad, hitting up beaches during the summer. When you’re not pining for that sunshine and find yourself away from the monsoon, you’ll feel right at home with this incredibly comfortable look.


Cotton-twill or linen, full-sleeve shirt is our pick for the only layer resting on your shoulders. A shirt of this style in a blue hue keeps in line with the seaside theme. The stylistic approach is in your ability to roll up your sleeves and have the top two buttons unbuttoned. The modern day cut also allows for a more flattering and relaxed collar design. While a fitted shirt works in all other cases, this isn’t one of them. Keep in mind, it’s about feeling comfy and relaxed.


Keep the rain away and feel free to wear white. Be it in pristine white or off-white, fitted shorts are in favour for the current season. The obvious is to keep these shorts’ appearances rare. The last thing you want is a very worn out white pair of shorts. They have to look ironed or straight out of the store almost every time you decide to wear them. And as for length, the hemline of your shorts should drop right above your knees. Whether you decide to tuck or untuck your shirt into your shorts is up to you. But be sure of one thing, just like bespoke or tailored suits nowadays, belts are absolutely unnecessary. If the shorts fit, no need for belts. Simple.


Sticking with the light and breezy look for a weekend by the water, a beautiful pair of white loafers are in order. You can play around a little when it comes to options, even sport suede if you like. If it’s sunny, don’t be shy to rock the suede. Driving shoes round off the look we’re looking for here. However, opting out of these for light coloured loafers without laces can work too. With your sleeves rolled up, fitted white shorts and sockless feet inside driving shoes, your hours under the sun will become a bit more enjoyable.

Somewhere in between

A little jewellery never hurt anyone. Nothing sounds more like an Italian summer day like this look, added with quality bracelets. Woven leather bracelets are the preferred wrist wear nowadays, even more than wristwatches. A contrasting and complimenting colour scheme works wonderfully in an outfit like this one. The best accessory with all those characteristics can be found in a well-made bracelet. You can either sport one bracelet in thick materials, or two thinner bracelets together on one wrist.