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Someday, my prints will come

  • Published at 08:32 pm July 19th, 2017
Someday, my prints will come
Last week, we went around the zodiac to find you some trending prints to go with your star sign. International fashion covered, we now look closer to home for cool deshi options to inspire you. Local textile art usually incorporate a lot of floral and botanical motifs, geometric patterns and some illustrative art. We bring you five fresh prints to add to your wardrobe.


Alpona got me floored

We’re really good at decorating our floors with floral and geometric motifs. In fact, we’ve got a world record for plastering our roads with it. Stands to reason a lot of that creativity would find its way into our clothes. Look for alpona-inspired cotton block prints if you want to wear this festive print.


Jamdani jam

The perfect blend of florals, geometry and illustrations nothing says deshi more than our illustrious jamdani. While the saris are a shoo-in for any formal event, these beautiful motifs are finding their way into bags and kotis, so there’s plenty to play with.


Rickshaw painting

Nothing says “Dhaka” like some bright and colourful rickshaw art. In recent years, these bright and colourful motifs have spilled from our three-wheelers onto our boxes, shoes and shades. Find creative ways to tuck a little local colour into your wardrobe and you’ll be turning heads all season long.


A stitch in time

Urban fascination for this rural art has made for some decades long fashion symbiosis. If there’s one style that’s perfect for this weather, it’s cotton with nakshi details. Look for monochromatic nakshi to stay on point this season.

chundri - Copy

Chundri chic

Like polka dots but want a little more ethnic flavor? Head to Chandni Chowk to grab some bolts of chundri fabric. Whether you’re making blouses or shalwars, or mixing and matching colours for complete ensembles, these diamond-dots scream are equal parts kitsch and class.