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The Fresh Prints of the Zodiac

  • Published at 08:46 pm July 12th, 2017
The Fresh Prints of the Zodiac
Summer comes with so many cool prints to choose from! If you’re wondering if there’s a print out there that’s perfect for you, look no further than the zodiac. Read on for the print match for your star sign. star print

Aquarius: Stars

Aquarians may either be shy and quiet or energetic and eccentric, but they’re definitely progressive-minded deep thinkers. The perfect print to match that twinkle in your eye comes right from the night sky. Our pick: Urban Truth’s stellar tees and scarves tie dye

Pisces: Tie Dye

Pisceans are super artistic, and blend well with any group of friends, and what encapsulates these beautiful qualities than some grooving tie-dye? Dhaka is awash with some truly spectacular items in gorgeous vegetable ink to dye for. Bad puns aside, find your cosmic print in our local artisan stores. Our pick: The funky shiburi wrappers from Jatra pineapple

Aries: Pineapples

The world is having a moment with this juicy print. From t-shirts, to rompers, to cell-phone covers, this sweet fruit is all over the place, and if you’re a dynamic, confident Ram, then this is the print for you. Your best bet for a variety of pineapple prints would be stores like Astorion and Artisan. Our pick: Supercute pineapple printed backpacks from StitchCraft tropical

Taurus: Tropical botanicals

Life’s a jungle, and able, stable Taureans can wear their vacays in these summery tropical prints. The Bull naturally gravitates towards botanical motifs in combinations of green and pink, so the current international fascination for palm fronds and frangipani is both well-timed and welcome in a Taurus wardrobe. Our pick: Hot tropical kurtis from Ecstasy floral

Gemini: Florals

The one print that will never go out of style, the love affair with flowers continues from strength to strength. The ever curious, restless and whimsical twins can find endless variety in beautiful florals, and cool ways to style them, making this a great print match. Our pick: Raspberry lawn’s cheery bright florals watercolour 2  

Cancer: Watercolour

This deeply intuitive and emotional star sign is known for being sweet and sentimental, and therefore needs a print match that captures their sensitive nature. Nothing less than the most delicate of watercolour prints will do. Our pick: Shamuk’s hand-painted saris animal print 1

Leo: Feline

Leos love the spotlight, and what’s more eye-catching than big cats? From leopard prints, to some pawsome motifs, you’re bound to turn heads with a little meow and a roar. Our pick: Cute cheetah loafers from La Mode stripes

Virgo: Stripes

Detail oriented and pragmatic Virgos like things neat and orderly, and what’s more practical than some no-nonsense stripes? They’re super versatile, immensely flattering, and a style staple. Our pick: Bold striped tops from Sciccosso gingham

Libra: Gingham

Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac. These fair-minded socialites want nothing more than for everyone to get along, like a picnic at a park. And what says “picnic at a park” better than sweet, sweet gingham? And who does gingham better than gamcha? Our pick: Gamcha totes from Bibi Productions dark florals

Scorpio: Dark florals

Scorpios are the broody counterparts to the Geminis, so it stands to reason that the print pairs would be something similar. Dark florals, normally an Autumn staple, are perfect all year round for smouldering Scorpions. Our pick: Rina Latif’s hand-embroidered tapestry muslin and Benarasi florals polka dots

Sagittarius: Polka dots

Saggis are generous, idealistic, and the life of any party, and nothing says party like a little polka. We’re dotty for this undeniably chic print, and if you’re a fun-loving Saggitarius, then this is your print partner. Our pick: Three piece polka dot ensembles by Anthea geometric

Capricorn: Geometric prints

Capricorns are capable and responsible and natural leaders. One might think they’re square, but there’s nothing more eye-catching than a little geometry in your wardrobe, and that’s why geometric prints are cosmic matches for the Capricorn. Our pick: Embroidered long coats from Taaga