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WoWbox wows the young

  • Published at 02:16 pm June 18th, 2017
  • Last updated at 02:38 pm June 29th, 2017
WoWbox wows the young
Can you put a monetary value on the excited exclamation that is “wow!”? According to Grameenphone (GP), you can – and the number is 10 million, because GP's lifestyle app Wowbox just crossed 10 million in downloads. This absolutely free to browse app is an all-in-one experience, available exclusively to Grameenphone subscribers. A one-stop app that enable users easy access to a wide range of Grameenphone products, it also offers discounts from popular outlets, as well as updates of engaging local and global content. On top of that, it is a platform for GP to present rewards and new offers directly to loyal customers.

For a diverse crowd

With its state-of-the-art and user-friendly customer navigation, Wowbox caters to a wide range of users. One user, Rayhan, is a young professional, working at a leading corporate house for a year now. Already, he has a grasp of the dire realities of corporate life, which demands long hours of work. Being a successful professional requires effort, and Rayhan works hard. However, he also realises that he has to have a life outside of work, and give himself a break every once in a while to step back and get himself together. A young urban citizen in a country undergoing rapid digitalisation, Rayhan has an active presence in the digital sphere. In fact, his smartphone and the various apps in it are his best chance of taking a break from the hectic daily routine, albeit for few a minutes at a time. When trying to keep in touch with the world outside his office while also getting some entertainment, Rayhan prefers WowBox, which is the only Bangladeshi app of its kind. Naina, on the other hand, is a third year student at a private university. A promising pupil, she also has an active social life. She observes that fashion and lifestyle trends are changing more rapidly than ever before, and tries to be on top of everything new. Also, she wants to keep up-to-date with the latest news not only in fashion, but also current affairs. Naina, thus, is a regular user of WowBox, because the app meets all of these requirements. Rayhan and Naina represent a growing proportion of the vast number of Bangladeshi youth trying to balance the hectic demands of daily life and the desire for entertainment. In response, digital service providers of the nation, especially Grameenphone, has been coming up with various digital services to fulfill that desire. Till now, GP’s WowBox, which has already been downloaded by over 10 million users worldwide, 80 percent of whom are GP customers, has proven to be the most successful service at satisfying the need. “People nowadays are required to be highly active while also fashionable, and on top of current trends, to be considered competent. That is why the youth especially crave services that will enable them to do all at once. Grameenphone, an organisation that aims to be with the people of Bangladesh in all the steps of their lives, has come up with WowBox to help people keep up with all their lifestyle needs. The number of downloads exceeding 10 million testifies of the love with which people have accepted the service,” says Farhana Islam, head of WoWbox at Grameenphone.

Entertainment on the go

Indeed, the success of WowBox is largely due to the fact that it addresses various aspects of people’s lives, besides being unique in terms of the combination of services it provides. Users can browse the app for free without any data charge, and can receive 20 MB free every week. Moreover, users can not only browse the full range of content offered in the app, which includes daily news updates, lifestyle tips, games, sports, horoscopes, jokes, movie reviews, quizzes and competitions, etc., but can also earn tokens (reward points) that they can use to purchase Internet offers on their android devices. Many countries in the world have undergone comprehensive digitalisation and Bangladesh, with a consistently healthy growth rate, is marching towards the same direction. As a result, the citizens of the country, especially the youth, are becoming increasingly tech savvy and are demanding more digital services to help make their lives better. A rising number of smartphone and mobile Internet users across the nation, coupled with 99 percent of Bangladesh coming under the purview of Internet services thanks to Grameenphone’s largest countrywide network, have added greater pace to the progress. Moreover, the lifestyle choices of people are undergoing a steady transformation as more people are now aware of global trends and developments as a result of being connected to the Internet. Rising popularity of apps like WowBox is evidence to that. Farhana further says, “nowadays, the youth in Bangladesh not only believe in keeping up with trends, but setting new ones. They also crave easy access to entertainment in order to be able to cope with the demanding routines of daily life. That is why, Grameenphone, being one of the most proactive organisations in the nation and a constant companion of about 60 million of its customers, had decided to make WowBox to fulfill all these needs in one single app. We are glad that we were successful in doing so, and are working to do better every passing day.” Moving forward, Grameenphone plans to continue enriching the app further while introducing newer digital services. As Grameenphone embarks on its journey for the next 20 years, it will be facilitating innovators to come up with more of such digital services. The company has always been a pioneer in introducing innovative products and services during the first 20 years of its operation in Bangladesh. It intends to keep that lead in the digital era. This will not only benefit the digitalising citizens of Bangladesh, but will also help propel the rate of progress of the nation towards complete digitalisation.