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5 ways to keep your pets cool this summer

  • Published at 08:14 pm June 9th, 2017
5 ways to keep your pets cool this summer
Loose motion, lethargy, weakness or even heat strokes are some of the symptoms experienced by most pets during the crazy hot summer days. As per the experts, pets usually get overheated because of hyperthermia and upper respiratory systems. Hyperthermia happens when an animal is stuck in an environment like a car or out on the street on a hot day that worsens their ability to cool themselves down, that otherwise comes naturally. Pets with compromised upper airways, like bulldogs or pugs, have more difficulty cooling themselves through panting. Here's how you can prepare your pet deal with the unendurable heat waves.


Whether it's a pet dog, cat, hamster, bird, or a monkey, make sure your pets have access to clean and fresh drinking water at all times. Refill their bowls even before they run out.

_MG_2772Regular trims

Regular trims for Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu dogs, Persian cats or any other fluffy pets is highly recommended. Unfortunately we don't have professional groomers in Bangladesh, but watching a few tutorials on how to go about it on YouTube could do wonders. The upper hand of this entire deal is that, since it's your pet, it will be more submissive and comfortable with you handling the scissors or the trimmers on it, rather than having to go through the same ordeal with a complete stranger.

Frequent baths

Ideally you are supposed to give your pets a bath once a month. But that doesn't apply for the little canines living in Bangladesh. While too many frequent baths may result in a lot of shed fur, keeping in mind the dusty and humid weather especially during summer, you need to bathe your pets at least three times a month, if not four (once a week). Dry shampoo may be a good option in winter, but having your pets bathed during summer using water and a mild shampoo is mandatory if you want to make the unbearable heat a little easier on them. It will also keep flees lurking around the corner at bay—talk about killing two birds with one stone.


Although it is mostly considered a big part of grooming, frequent brushing will keep your pet's fur detangled and remove loose fur which will prevent overheating. Do keep in mind that because of the heat, your pet will be scratching itself a lot more than usual.

Flavoured ice-cubes as alternatives for treats

Do a little research on what your specific breed of pet can and cannot eat. If it's for your dog, put a little peanut butter in your ice-cube tray and fill it with clean drinking water and refrigerate overnight. Frozen watermelon cubes will also work just fine. Let your pet lick and nibble on one or two cubes a day max.

Indoor activities

While many of us don't have the option to keep our pets indoors at all times, make an exception during summer; roaming around the streets in the heat will do more bad than good.