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Australian Food Festival to kick off at Radisson Blu

  • Published at 07:28 pm March 16th, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:01 pm March 17th, 2017
Australian Food Festival to kick off at Radisson Blu
Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden is known for organising different food festivals around the year, bringing food from different countries and beyond. This time, Radisson Blu has organised the Australian Food Festival, which will start on March 17, and continue till March 26. The food festival will offer various delicacies from Australia, and interactive live counters with themed décor, creating a memorable experience for the guests. The Australian Food Festival is open for all, and guests will have to make reservations before visiting the fest. During the festival, many vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies will be served, which will include starters, main-course and desserts during dinner. We spoke to Christoph Voegeli, general manager, Radisson Blu Dhaka, about what they have in store for us at the upcoming festival. 111

Why events such as food festivals?

We have raised our bar this year. We are aiming to become the most recognised hotel in terms of food, and in order to convey this message to the public, we will be holding different food festivals every two months from now. In the coming months, we will be organising Chinese, Indonesian and Malaysian food festivals. It is a popular way in which we can achieve a couple of objectives at the same time. First of all, we can highlight our capabilities to our customers. We bring chefs from different countries for these festivals. In this way, we try to transfer the knowledge of their cuisine to our local chefs. For all these events, we also work with the high commission and embassies. Hence, we can convey more information about the culture, style of cooking and taste, so that people living here can taste the authentic delicacies of that country without even travelling there.

What do you think is the secret behind the success of Radisson?

Radisson Blu Dhaka is one of the first international hotels in the city. Radisson is very well-known in Europe. Bangladesh, being predominant in the garments business, many buyers from Europe visit Dhaka. These buyers recognise this brand, and most of them prefer to stay at Radisson because of the service and hospitality we provide.

What are your upcoming plans for 2017?

Our vision is to become the best hotel in terms of restaurant, food and beverage offerings. Organising food festivals is an important part of this. We have some other engagements as well, such as – we have started urban farming. By this, we can produce part of our supplies within the premises. We have started growing mushroom, lettuce, and some herbs (specifically micro herbs). Moreover, a new chef will join us shortly, with an elaborate menu, which will probably contain six or seven courses. We will also import oysters from France. We plan on bringing different cuisines over the next few months, which will enable us to take fine dining to a whole new level. People travel abroad in order to have this kind of experience, but now they can enjoy the same experience here.