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5 party hairdos under 10 minutes

  • Published at 06:19 pm February 23rd, 2017
5 party hairdos under 10 minutes
Straight or curly, we all need to oomph up our hair game when we are headed out for a big night, without having to run to the beauty salon every time. If you want to simply wear your hair down, that works great too, but for the rest of you who are looking to try something different with your hair, here are four types of dos that you can wear to compliment four different looks.

High ponytail

  1bsda If you're going with an outfit with a deep neckline, this is the hairdo for you. With your hair put away from your face and neck, this do will accentuate your jawline and collarbones. Leave your bangs and take the rest of your hair and start teasing them with a combing brush starting from the crown, to give it more volume. Secure your hair (just leaving the bangs in front) in a ponytail on top of your crown using a rubber band. Take the bangs, part it in the middle and pin it up right behind your ears, or pull them backwards to the base of your ponytail at the crown and secure them with bobby pins. Smooth out the ponytail with your comb and set the hairdo with some setting spray. Add a pair of dangly earrings to flatter this chic look best.

Side braid

2b1123 Start off by teasing your hair on the crown and at the back of your head, covering areas behind your ears as well. This hairdo needs to look as big as possible. Once teased, comb through the tresses and detangle the rest of the hair. Bring your hair on one side and start to weave a loose braid. Once done, secure your braid with a hair elastic. Lightly pull the hair from the sides of your braid to make it loose and give the illusion of a volumised big braid. Apply a coat or two of setting spray. Adorn the braid with beautiful hair ornaments (optional). Works best with saris, this is a classy and feminine do to wear at a holud.

Braided bun

3a If you have short bangs, this is not the hair do for you. This one works best if you have long hair in the front. First, part your hair in the middle and leave two chunks from the front. Tease the rest of the hair on the crown and at the back. Make two braids using the un-teased hair that you've left in the front starting from the middle. Wrap it around your hairline and behind your ears as you go about braiding them. Connect your braids at the back with the rest of the hair and put it in a bun. Smooth out the teased hair and pull out small fringes from here and there to create a messy do. Embellish the bun with a floral hair piece if you like. Whether you're donning a sari or a kameez, this do is something you can wear to all those dawats.

Twist and turn

4a This is as simple as it gets. It involves teasing your crown and curling the ends if you have naturally straight locks. Part your hair on the side you prefer and take two sections on each side of the parting and start twisting them. Secure the twist right behind, or a few inches above your ears with bobby pins and apply setting spray to keep everything in place. Alternatively, you could take the twisted sections at the back of your head as well and secure them with pins right underneath the crown.

Sleek middle parting

5a This is the easiest do of all, but you need squeaky clean hair to make this work. All you're going to be doing is part your hair in the middle and start teasing it slightly on the crown. Smooth it out, put the hair behind your ears and apply a coat of setting spray. Throw in a pair of sparkly studs. This do flatters high necklines.