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Down to your tippy-toes

  • Published at 06:44 pm October 1st, 2016
  • Last updated at 07:26 pm October 1st, 2016
Down to your tippy-toes
We can talk about the current or upcoming autumn trends as much as we want, but sometimes it’s good to get back to the basics. Putting together an outfit for a certain event, for some, can be quite the task. However, we can make things a little easier knowing how simple it is to make sure we have the right pair of shoes with a given style of bottoms we wear. The following is about a no-stress quick guide to get things right. Chinos Chinos are a very sophisticated and casual type of trousers. There’s a hint of Ivy League in them, giving way for your niche taste for a preppy look. The best shoes to rock with chinos would be penny loafers, and if it’s summer, go with boat shoes. You want to keep things casual yet classy; however, slipping into velvet slippers with chinos is a big no-no. Unless your name is Lapo Elkann, there’s no room for you to be daring and risk getting slapped for looking pompous. Now, that’s all fun and dandy for a warmer day but a colder climate may ask for something along the lines of lace-up boots. Sweats or joggers If you haven’t noticed over the past couple of years, a pair of sweats or joggers have found themselves in a very stylish and preeminent position in the modern man’s wardrobe. It’s a sporty look with classy details so you can pull them off with jackets and blazers for an evening out. The obvious best choices for this kind of bottom are sneakers. If you want to get the modern-day trend, reach out for some futuristic details on new sneakers. In other words, classics will always remain a safer bet, but to keep things moving and separated from the rest, you want to put on some technical looking sneakers. Shoes to avoid are espadrilles and penny loafers. Plain and simple, they just don’t go together. However, if you want to dress them up, get yourself some deser boots. Trousers This is possibly the most versatile of the lot. If you find the right pair of trousers, you can dress this up and down all you like with countless combinations. Brogues and derby shoes are the best fit for trousers. Which means these will go perfect with either a polo shirt or a full-on suit. Again, if you’d like to take things down a notch for the weekend, simple pair of sneakers will do the job just fine. Minimalist shoes work best for a laid back look. You can also wear in-trend lace-up boots with trousers, but it might be a bit more difficult to pull off. Take it from us, make it easier on yourself and stick to the basics. Suits The trend of suits with sneakers isn’t really going to have a lasting effect in the men’s fashion world. Because let’s face it, a proper tailored suit deserves the best pair of dress shoes. We’re talking about classic brogues, cap-toe oxfords (most common), or a sick pair of city boots; something of the Chelsea boots variety. Clean, simple and sophisticated is the perfect combination with a suit. You want to look classy and uncompromised. Jeans Another one of those very obvious choices of footwear when it comes to denim bottoms. Jeans are synonymous with sneakers. Well, that’s of course after the genuine line of cowboys disappeared. Depending on the style of jeans, you can wear all sorts of different sneakers. If they are of the slim-fit kind, you can easily wear jeans with Chelsea boots, bringing in that evening wear vibe. After trousers, jeans are the most versatile. There’s straight-leg, slim-fit and boot cuts that can make the choice of footwear endless. Again, keep your attention on the cut of the jeans. You don’t want to walk around your weekend in baggy jeans and cap-toe oxfords. That will get you absolutely zero amount of compliments. If this was the 15th century, you’d be thrown into the torture chamber for some quality sleep deprivation.