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Summer so fine

  • Published at 07:07 pm July 14th, 2016
  • Last updated at 07:08 pm July 14th, 2016
Summer so fine

Gentlemen, let’s get the obvious statement out of the way. It’s too damn hot to be wearing suits all-day, everyday. However, there are occasions where the room for compromising is a bit tight. There used to be a specific season for folks to be getting married, but nowadays, it’s a year-round event. The summer might not be the most ideal time to have a wedding but it does happen. Here are some must-haves to get you ready for any summer wedding.

Layered protection

It really doesn’t matter if the wedding events happen to fall under daylight or during the evening. What matters is how well you’re protected. No, we’re not talking about arming yourself or using the other form of protection. Even though we encourage safe sex, the protection we’re talking about is sunblock or sunscreen.

Get that SPF bottle out and apply the lotion anywhere your skin can be exposed to the sun. Although we need the sun to nourish a lot of our world, you will be surprised how much damage the sun can do from overexposure. Stay safe, protect your skin and apply that lotion anytime you head out.

Suit supply

The obvious tone for weddings is a joyful one, with beautiful splashes of the colours of summer. When it comes to suits, you have to make yourself look as if dressing up was fun and casual. Your suit might be tailored to perfection but more importantly, does it look and feel light on your body?

The fabric you choose for your bespoke suit should be the number one thing on your checklist as you head into your wardrobe. Light coloured fabrics in light cotton, linen or even seersucker is the perfect choice for summer weddings. In fact, those are the more favourable fabrics of summer for men’s fashion. If you’re able to give into your vices everyday, wasting all that hard-earned money away, you can afford to give your wardrobe the proper fabrics for summer.

If this sounds like a lot of work, take heart. If there was ever a season for traditional wear, summer is it. Forget the sherwanis and the silks stuff, and opt for panjabis in breathable fabrics in manly monochromes.

The colours of the wind

Okay, Pocahontas, it’s time for you to get in touch with nature. This is where you need spruce things up by bringing some life into your easy-breezy wedding suit for the summer. Floral printed dress shirts bring a whole new aesthetic appeal for onlookers. It’s almost as if you’re introducing the crowd to the life of the party. Don’t go out streaking just yet, there are a few of things to keep in mind when you’re trying on something unorthodox.

Since your suit is of a lighter shade, you need proper and darker contrast in your shirts. The patterns may be bold, be it small or large, but they still need to compliment your overall look. Keep the suit light and your crispy clean patterned shirt a tad darker.

If you're going the deshi-wear route, and inclined towards adding some visual detail to your look, throw on a subtly patterned Mujib coat or vest on top of your panjabi. Tastefully done floral menswear is finally making its presence known in the city.

Nothing beats comfort

In most weddings, wearing traditional Oxfords or lace-ups with your suit is a no-brainer. On the summer beach wedding scene, it’s all about comfort. Let your feet breathe and keep things light with a pair of slip-on loafers or espadrilles. And even though it’s perfectly fine to not wear socks with these styles of shoes, don’t get too comfortable and slip them off in front of folks. Unless of course, you have pristine and pedicured feet on a regular basis – which is an absolute must if you'll be wearing panjabis, since the only sensible footwear pairing will be a pair of dressy sandal shoes.

And this should go without saying, but never ever wear flip-flops to a wedding or anywhere else that calls for formal attire. Yes, that means beach weddings too. Unless the invitees specifically state you can wear whatever you want, stay classy.