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Work today, work tomorrow

  • Published at 09:44 pm April 28th, 2016
  • Last updated at 11:08 pm April 30th, 2016

Work attire has changed over the years. The more fashion forward the world drives to, the better the options for us men. It is also important to mix the traditional work wear with the newest and freshest looks of today. There are no strings attached, however, there is one common item that works with both looks: jeans. Dressy jeans.

Look 1: Nothing complicated here, gentlemen. A check list will do, and nothing on this list will seem foreign or require too much work.

Navy blue blazer No matter what job you find yourself in, there will be one item in your wardrobe that will remain timeless. A two-button blazer or a tailored suit jacket in a rich navy shade screams sophistication. Not only is it always fashionable, people will take you seriously.

Oxford blue shirt Not the same shade as your blazer, a classic oxford shirt means business. The beauty of a light blue dress shirt is that it suits all skin tones. You can never go wrong with this shirt.

Solid knit tie All the other silk solid ties can look a bit too formal. A knitted tie, on the other hand, is both elegant and out of the ordinary, and can become the focal point of your entire outfit.

Black oxfords Remember, we need to keep things in the classic department. A hard-bottom, lace-up shoe in a brilliant black does the entire work wear justice.

The link Dark wash, dressy jeans can go amazingly well with both a dress shirt and t-shirt. It's that one versatile piece that will never let you down. Slim fit jeans with a rich navy texture, with no signs of fading, legitimizes the entire outfit. And the deep blue is magnificent to the naked eye. It also leads us to our second look.

Look 2:

Leather jacket Swap out the blazer or suit jacket with a fine and fitted black leather jacket. Keyword: fitted. The fit of the jacket is vital. You want to take on that “rebel” look with a bit of class. And if a jacket looks like it was specifically meant for your body, the better the effect.

Knit or no knit The knitted tie works with this look as well, but you don't have to feel limited to only that option. A solid, silk or cotton traditional tie can fit the look too.

Spread collar shirt Even though you've got your tie and ready-for-work face, you have to leave some room to breathe. The spread collar leaves way for a wider knot for your tie, giving no signs of being uptight or closed off.

Chelsea boots Whether they are in traditional leather or dipped in suede, the Chelsea boot combines the sophistication of dress shoes and the rebel within. They are also quite beautiful.

Now, you've got two more looks into your style arsenal. The same old style rules apply, but once you're well versed in the art of dressing, you can start bending those same rules. And ultimately, work doesn't have to be boring, there's no room to be timid. Stay stylish, gentlemen.