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Skirting the issue

Update : 13 Apr 2017, 02:56 PM
The intense April heat and medley of festival colours makes Boishakh the ultimate summer party for Bangalis. Last week, we discussed some blouse options guaranteed to take your sari game to the next level. This week, we help you complete the look with three alternatives to your basic petticoat.The flounceTypically, the petticoat is a discreet form-fitting A-line maxi skirt worn under the sari to help make it opaque, and to hold the draped garment in place. Since it’s hidden away under the sari, your average petticoat is rather plain. This season, add a little visual interest by adding a frilled/ruffled hem to your petticoat, and wearing your sari a little high, so that its hem hits the ankle bone, letting the frill of the petticoat peek from the bottom. Aarong showcased this style with their wedding collection last year, but the bold hues of Boishakh should really turn the heat up on the style.The contrastApril’s already proving to be a scorcher, so it’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that the saris for the day will be of the lightest fabrics possible. If you’re going the muslin, kota route, add a little pop to your ivory, bone or white sari by wearing it with a bright petticoat. The contrasting colour, seen through the sheer fabric will add dimension to your outfit.The pantsIf you’re planning to hit up multiple venues this year, why not skip the petticoat altogether and opt for leggings instead? Borrow a few notes from the pages of classical dancers and drape your sari in the Odissi style, for a look that’s traditional, and yet, with the right accessories, contemporary and cosmopolitan at the same time. This works best if you’re wearing a silk sari, but you can make it work with well-starched cotton and taant as well. Wrap the sari around the waist from the middle, leaving the end piece a little longer on the right side. Knot it at the waist in the front and pull the left portion to the back from between the legs. Gather some of the left portion and tuck it in at the back on your right. Finally, drape the outer end piece over the left shoulder. Wear it with a ruffled blouse for a little rustic charm, or a sleek crop top for urbane chic, but this is definitely a sporty spin on a classic.
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