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Knitted around the neck

Update : 02 Apr 2017, 09:16 PM
Nowadays, the office-wear dress code has been toned down for a more comfortable and slightly informal environment. I’m sure many of you still have to adhere to the traditional uniform around the office and so the dressing to impress rule still applies. Whether we’re talking about the stricter dress code or a semi-formal event, it’s important to remember that a tie is sort of a bow wrapped around a gift box. And of course, there are some of you who feel suffocated having a tie around your neck. Don’t feel left out or abnormal, Tom Ford takes his tie off as soon as he can to gets down to work. When all is said and done, there are plenty of occasions that require us gentlemen to have a proper tie on us when wearing a suit or dress shirt. The knitted tie has become increasingly prominent in men’s fashion, especially for the ongoing season. You can have all sorts of patterns on a tie – stripes and prints – but the knitted tie’s construction gives it plenty of character without all the bells and whistles. While the cotton or wool knit tie is a solid choice, the silk variation makes a significant difference.Quality silk knitYou can always find a silk knit tie available to the masses in stores but you’d be cheating yourself. Avoiding the mediocre options, try having an eye for a silk tie that has a pristine sheen and not shine. Check out the collection available from stores like Noir to know what I’m talking about. Is it cheap? Heck no, but it’s not ridiculously expensive either. We’re talking about accessories that are justifiable to its price tag because of its quality and make. If you have no qualms about stepping up to another level, you can always treat yourself to a high-end label silk knit tie provided by the likes of Ralph Lauren Purple Label. No matter the label, you should be looking for knitted ties that are closer to being made by hand than anything else. It may not be as soft as a cotton knit, but there is no second guessing its elegance.All day, everydayLet’s not forget how versatile these ties can be. Just like any other tie, there are plenty of colours and shades to mess around with. As mentioned earlier, the process of knitting provides an illusion of cascading ridges from the narrow end to the wider end of each tie; more character can bring your outfit to life. Because of its unique look, you won’t have trouble trying to match patterns like you would with other ties. You’re dealing with solid colours and sometimes, two-tone colours contrasting and complimenting each other. The lighter colours will have more sheen, while the darker end of the spectrum will tone things down a bit with a subtle sheen.No discriminationThis style of tie, no joke, is for any man hoping to pull of his best performance in a suit and tie. The only thing you actually have to worry about is the tie’s width. The rules here are quite simple. The narrower the suit lapels are, the slimmer the tie is. Two-inch width (the widest part of the tie) is the you should go. To keep things at a safe distance, a 2.5-inch width would be a solid choice. Again, it really depends on the width of your lapels. If you’ve got yourself a genuine Zurhem suit with wide, peak lapels, it means your silk knit tie should be wider too. No two-ways about it. If there is no suit to deal with, well, go crazy on the width. Just make sure your shirt’s collar suits the design of your tie.Stick to the basicsWith all the formalities out of the way, putting this season’s perfect tie into best use should be handled in the most relaxed way possible. Buy a silk knit tie in black, navy and grey. These three basic colours will get things started for you, making things easier when it comes to choosing your outfit for work and play. The basics will give you plenty of variety and combinations to try out so you won’t have to fuss about what works and what doesn’t. And even after all that, you can’t choose between the basics, God have mercy on your soul.


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