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‘Democracy and safety are two main factors behind voting for a party’

With the election right ahead, we ask people about their views on voting. People from different backgrounds answer what is the most important factor for casting their votes for their preferred party and if election promises are important or they want to vote for a party they already support

Update : 27 Dec 2018, 04:31 PM

“As a citizen of a democratic country, it's an obligation for me as well as the people to vote for the government we want to see in power. To obtain my vote it is crucial to promote the proper implementation of democracy.”

“I will vote for the party who I think has contributed to developing the country, rather than casting my vote based on electoral promises or blindly voting for the party I already support.”

- Zahid Khan Shawon, student

“I will attempt to vote in this election. The most important thing a party has to offer is a vision for the future and empathy towards the middle class that translates into actions with minimum corruption.” 

“Call me crazy, but all of the parties seem the same to me with different names and forms. I will vote for an individual who I feel will be the least harmful.”

- Mukit Anis Niloy, marketeer and undergraduate teacher

“I won't vote, I'm of age but have not collected my voter identification card yet. Also, a party has to ensure social justice to get my vote, if I were to vote.”

“I will vote for the party I already support as it has a better mandate.”

- Anika*, private sector employee

“I will not vote. No matter whom I want to vote, it will go against my will. And that does not go with my ideology.”

“It is not possible to cast vote based on electoral promises. I will vote for the one I support.” 

- Nasir Khan*, development sector worker 

“Definitely I will vote in this national election. Main thing is that a party has to have the commitment to ensure the safety of living. It's not that the party should provide money to all, it is the safety of life so that commoners can have the right to get the access to all sorts of basic needs.”

“I will definitely vote for a party I support and I think I am right in my choice for my preferred candidate. I am sure the party I support is competent enough to make Bangladesh liveable.”

- Anonno Razzak, journalist

“I don’t know. May be or maybe not. A safer life is the most important thing for me."

"I will definitely vote based on electoral promises.”

- Azad Islam, Student

“Of course I will vote. I'm judging parties by their previous and present actions and leadership. The most important part I'm checking for is which party is promising to protect the environment.”

“I will vote based on the promises but also based on their previous performances. This is because parties promise a lot, but those who already took actions according to their previous promises are likely to do so with their present promises as well.”

- Raoman Smita, Advocate, Supreme of Court Bangladesh

*These names have been changed according to the wish of the commenters 

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