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Update : 01 Dec 2018, 05:24 PM

Dear Tara,

 I know it's stupid of me to write and feel everything I am feeling right now, but I have to talk to you. Because I know how happy you would be if you knew how our world has changed. You know how you used to talk about making space for your flowers in between my rice field? It came true, not for me but for everyone else. Everybody now has various trees on their roofs and possibly wherever they can make a little space. I don’t know how to put my feelings into words. For a fact, I know you would be alive and well now, if we had what I have now. Our daughter Asha now trains women and children to protect themselves during disasters, she earns what I got in six months back then. Our son Sohel goes to school with the rich children of our village. It feel so different, because Selim left this world because he was too poor to be in the shelter with them during the cyclone. But I know you are happy now, we are too. We get to eat nutritious food at all times, I wish you could try the new rice they made, tastes a bit funny, but keeps my heart strong.

Oh...and the best part? We have got a television, gadgets, electricity. Sohel does not keep complaining about how hot it is anymore. The supplies are all renewable, I know you loved nature, you would be so proud of this exact moment. We have various new ways of planting crops.

We live in better houses now. I wish the changes taking place right now happened a long time ago. I wish the sustainable discoveries were made earlier, the inclusivity of education, society, the training, the economic advances. Because if we had everything we have right now, you would still be here in my arms.


The Man Who Never Gave Up 

Afsana Afrin Esha is an Environmental Science student at the Independent University, Bangladesh who attended the Climate Youth Retreat as part of the ZHZE Project. 

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