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Transforming skills into expertise

Update : 30 Aug 2018, 11:52 AM

In this highly competitive and ever so densely saturated job market, it is plausible to say that the individual who possess cumulative knowledge and numerous other skills will be the one to be prioritized when his or her CV is viewed by the potential recruiters. “It is important for the millenials to recognize that this is a knowledge based economy, and therefore it is imperative for the young and fresh minds to enrich their knowledge as well as expand their gamut of skills in order to remain competitive,” says the Vice President of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited, Md Mainul Islam. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited is one of the  most prominent Islamic banks operating in Bangladesh. The bank has been able to create a strong foothold in the banking industry in Bangladesh since it's inception.  Companies are now looking to curtail their expenses and overheads by recruiting potential employees who generally tend to have enormous knowledge and are skilled in different fields. Employers these days have acquired the notion that recruiting multi-taskers is the most efficient and effective route the HR could possibly take, in hiring potential employees. Employees are considered to be the assets of the company - nurturing, training and grooming them will only help the company to expand its value in the long run, helping employees remain loyal to the organization at the same time – which is a revolutionary theory as far as Human Resource Development is concerned. As long as the reciprocity is well maintained, the company is destined to thrive. 

“It is admirable if a potential candidate has a myriad of skills, ranging from soft skills to technical skills. However, the most integral part is that the individual should specialize himself or herself in one particular skill, which will in turn make him or her distinguishable from others,” emphasizes Mainul Islam. “To be able to cement one’s position, specializing in one particular field or area will help the individual to unleash his or her prowess and deliver the optimum whenever the organization is in need.”

The idea is to pick a skill or multiple skills and nurture them so that one can master at it and solidify himself or herself in those areas of expertise. This rule is applicable everywhere, irrespective of the industry. There is a line which distinguishes skill-set from areas of specialization. Putting things into context, in order to cement a place in the banking industry an individual ought to have professional communication skills so that the individual can maintain a trustworthy relationship with the clients. That individual may have incorporated different other relevant skills in his or her CV when he or she decides to apply for a job in the banking sector, where communication is one of the many skills he or she has highlighted. The next task for the candidate will be to elicit the communication skill from the list and later transform it into professional communication, gradually inching towards specialization, strengthening his or her field of expertise. “Solidifying one's area of speciality requires training, attending specialized courses and rigorous studies - it will take time and won’t happen overnight. Therefore patience is the key and one must remain focused,” explained Md Mainul Islam.

Not all human beings will have the same calibre, intellect and attitude towards work - it is the duty of the employer to understand the knack of the employees and that the employer ought to continually assess the areas of development,  by providing rigorous training and designing modules and programs concerning to the nature of the job, so that the employees are pushed to excel and their performance can be improved. 

“Since we are into providing banking service, our team in customer service is delivering their best and we take great pride when we receive remarkable feedbacks from our customers and clients,” says Mainul. “I believe a banker’s life in the truest sense consists of holistic managerial knowledge. Various other disciplines are also required, like literature and social science, in order to build rapport with the clients,” he added.

A job applicant will invariably put the range of skill-set he or she possesses as his or her arsenal and the employer is going to get intrigued at first glance upon viewing the applicant's CV, which is duly relevant when applying for a job.  Nevertheless, in order to make oneself stronger, it is of essence that the applicant continually works on improving one’s skill and morph that skill into expertise. Sometimes most companies take the responsibility by offering many different training programs and provide financial aid so that the employee can attain his or her desired credentials. "Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited conducts professional training programs for its employees, which is a vital part when designing the total compensation system," says Mainul Islam.

Among numerous other skills, communication skill is the most important and valuable skill that one must harbour. To be able to communicate in a professional manner is one particular skill which is required in almost all service industries today. Impeccable spoken and written abilities in a succinct manner is something which most companies want from the employees. The ability and power of a valuable member of the company can be recognized when the incumbent is provided with the scopes and opportunities where he can explore to fine-tune his skill, and eventually become expert and thrive at it.  When an organization acknowledges the knacks of the employees, it becomes a duty from the organization's end that it does sufficient investment on its people and which in turn most often than not results in employees loyalty towards the organization and attitude towards work rises significantly.   

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