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Bibliophiles in business

Update : 06 Feb 2018, 06:13 PM
This week, check out these online pages on Facebook, aiming to sell their unique merchandise and capture art lovers and bibliophiles with their original business ideas.

Made with love

Humairah Shams and Sarah Shams are the founders of 'Made With Love' – a charming online art boutique. This artistic page on Facebook offers skilfully mastered arts-and-crafts goodies, combining calligraphy and art into things that we use everyday. All the artworks are original and all of their products are made locally. They currently sell notebooks, bookmarks and stickers, journals, notepads, fabric boxes, pouches, tote bags, folders, mugs and artworks. Product wise, they are currently leaning more towards stationery at the moment. They are online based, so anyone can just take a look at their page on Facebook and Instagram and place an order there. Talking about what makes working together as siblings worthwhile, Sarah said, “Whether it's something we think the other can do better, or in case of making decisions, we have a safe space to express ideas.” Sarah manages the day-to-day operations and mostly deals with the suppliers and customers while her younger sister Humairah is the artist, designer and calligrapher. “Our roles are pretty straight forward. We're both equally involved in strategic decision making,” added Sarah. The prices of their products start from as less as Tk60 up to Tk950. “We try to keep all our prices reasonable, the highest priced product being under Tk1000. Our target group is mostly students. So keeping the prices affordable and maintaining the quality at the same time has been an important factor,” they informed. So those who want to bring a little bit of sunshine into their everyday lives can visit their page at

The Curious Crate

Owned by Arshia Atiq and Fabiha Atiq, 'The Curious Crate' was created in November, 2016. It's the first and only monthly subscription book box in Bangladesh and their initiative provides monthly packages of original books with tailored exciting items for readers. Being avid readers and collectors themselves, the Atiq sisters came up with the idea of this store when they wanted to order a book box based in Canada, but found that the shipping charges were almost double the price of the box itself. That's when they began to wonder why similar services weren't available in Bangladesh. Each month, they compile a list of names of books which are creating buzz on Bookstagram. Sometimes if they stumble upon an eye-catching cover or an amazing synopsis of a newly released book, they consider it as an option and shape their theme of the month accordingly. “The themes of the crate for each month is based on the book we are going to give. Unless it’s September. Every September will be Harry Potter theme for us. Most of our goodies are designed by us and made via various small businesses based in Bangladesh,” they informed. Each month, they provide a hard-cover crate and a paperback crate. Each crate consists of a newly released book. The hard-cover crate contains 8 to10 goodies along with a hard-cover book and the paperback crate consists of 4 to 6 goodies based on their value, along with a paperback book. All the items in the crate remains a surprise. Potential customers may avail their services by subscribing for either of the crates simply by filling up an online form. Their hard-cover crates are priced at Tk3450 and the paperback crates are priced at Tk2450. Bookworms can easily order from them by visiting their page at

Papercut Store

Owned by Tahmina Habib and Sheikh Abdullah Aal Mamun, 'Papercut Store' offers exclusive Harry Potter themed merchandise for all the Potterheads out there. Both of them always had the knack for creating things, and used to make goodies at home by following simple DIY projects. So when Mamun made some DIY Harry Potter goodies for Tahmina on her birthday and uploaded the photos on Facebook, the response they received was quite striking. That's when they came up with the idea of this online store. 'Papercut Store' offers a wide range of products with affordable price starting from only Tk15 to Tk1800 so that everyone can buy something for themselves. Potterheads can avail their services by visiting this page on Facebook –
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